Friday, June 2, 2023

The embarrassing prizes in the Madrid Women’s Race: Thermomix, vacuum cleaner and slimming products

The prize inequality between men’s and women’s competitions is a constant. But even in the modalities where only women compete, real outrages are committed. The waxing kit of the Asturias Squash Championship or the underwear offered by the Galician Automobile Federation were joined by the embarrassing ‘awards’ delivered in the Women’s Race Madridin which more than 32,000 runners participated this Sunday.

Race against cancer and gender violence

The cause of the test could not be more laudable, because the competitors united against him breast cancer and the sexist violence with the unique number ‘016’, referring to the assistance number against abuse. The Women’s Race was a success of participation and was sponsored by top-level athletes such as Carolina MarinOlympic badminton champion, or Virginia Torrecillacancer survivor soccer player.

But all these positive aspects contrast with the lamentable prizes that were delivered in a test organized by Sport Life Iberian in collaboration with the Sports Delegate Area of ​​the City of Madrid. Thermomix was one of the sponsors of the event, hence the delivery of the kitchen robot to the winner. Second prize was a cordless vacuum cleaner. Likewise, slimming products were distributed, despite the fact that this distribution had caused controversy in past editions.

The winners of the Women’s Race held in Madrid this past Sunday. CARLOS LUJAN / EP

“If you succeed, housewife; if you don’t lose weight”

The controversial rewards have provoked the reaction of Ángela Rodríguez, Secretary of State for Equality, who criticized the machismo of the gifts: “In the Women’s Race, the first one was given a Thermomix and the rest 0% products. If you succeed, housewife, if not, at least lose weight. The problem is not what is ‘pink’, but that companies use it to cover up what is important: the fight against machismo. We still need more races.”

The organizers of the event responded to the government representative, assuring that since the birth of the Women’s Race, “19 years ago, we are absolutely aware of the fight for the eradication of any sexist stereotype“and that due to this they carry out “a daily self-censorship exercise to prevent any gift or brand that sponsors us from generating negative comments.”

The ‘pink tide’ that flooded Madrid on Sunday, with 32,000 participants against cancer and sexist violence. CARLOS LUJAN / EP

A kitchen robot gift from a sponsor

In addition, they justify the Thermomix as “a gift that fits into our concept of promoting healthy values ​​in women’s sports and nutritional habits, because with this product, both men and women can cook unprocessed food in less time and in a simple way“. In addition, they allude to the “high economic value” of the kitchen robot”, valued at more than 1,000 euros.

Finally, the statement from the Women’s Race regrets if any woman has been able to “feel offended” by what, they insist, is a gift and not a prize. They assure that they will take measures to avoid similar controversies in the future and defend that “a test in which 32,000 women have participated, promoting healthy lifestyle habits, fighting cancer and vindicating the role of women in sport and society, cannot be involved in this controversy that we don’t share.”


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