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The Economist, who made the cover of ‘Erdogan must go’, saw the election results like this

world’s leading economy One of its publications, The Economist, made a cover of “Erdogan must go” days before the May 14 elections, which drew a great reaction. President Erdoğan, on the other hand, shared on his social media account, “We will not allow our domestic politics to be directed and the national will to be swayed by the covers of magazines, which are the operational tools of the global powers. With the Century of Turkey, I hope we will carry all these diplomatic achievements to the top.” he said.


Yesterday, however, Turkey went to the polls and President Erdogan won 49.42 percent of the vote, surpassing his rivals. The Economist, on the other hand, gave the election results in the first place on its website. Drawing attention to the rate of votes Erdoğan received, the Economist also stated that the elections could be held in the second round according to the 50+1 rule.

The Economist, who made the cover of 'Erdogan must go', saw the election results like this


In the news in question, “Although it was not a clear victory for Erdoğan, it was the worst result that the opposition in the country could have imagined. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the candidate of the Nation Alliance formed by 6 opposition parties, received only 45% of the votes in the presidential elections. However, this rate of votes is in line with both the pollsters and Kılıçdaroğlu. It fell far short of what he expected.” statements were included.

The Economist appeared before its readers with this cover before the election:

The Economist, who made the cover of 'Erdogan must go', saw the election results like this


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