Friday, December 8, 2023

The Economist, who made the cover of “Erdogan must go”, saw the election results like this

world’s first economy One of their magazines, The Economist, based in England, made a controversial cover before the May 14 elections. The cover, called “The most important election of 2023”, featured stickers that read “Erdogan must go”, “Save democracy” and “Vote”.


President Erdoğan reacted with harsh words to The Economist’s cover about him and said, “We will emerge victorious once again from the ballot box on May 14. This will be such a victory that no one will lose except the terror barons in Kandil. No one will be upset except the traitors in Pennsylvania. “No one will bend their necks except those who cut a shroud for Turkey. No one will fail except political engineers. No one will blackmail except for foreign magazines that threaten the nation. On May 14, all of Turkey will win,” he said.

The Economist, who made the cover of


Yesterday, Turkey went to the polls for the second time, and President Erdogan won 52.16 percent of the vote, surpassing his rival Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. While Erdoğan was re-elected as president, The Economist’s election news contained quite remarkable details. The Economist, which listed the election results first on its website, said, “It turned out that the rumors about Erdogan’s loss have been greatly exaggerated.” “Erdogan, who has ruled Turkey as prime minister and then president for 20 years, will now continue to do so for five or more years,” the report said.

The Economist, who made the cover of


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