Friday, June 2, 2023

The dollar saw the historical peak with 20.47 TL

The high course in the dollar rate, which saw its historical record by exceeding 20 TL yesterday, continues. Last night, the dollar crossed 20.47 TL in the free market and saw its highest value of all time.


As of 07.27, the dollar is trading at 19.9988. Euro/TL is traded at 21.44 level. In the Grand Bazaar, on the other hand, dollar/TL is 21.17 and Euro/TL is 22.75. Euro/dollar parity is traded at 1.07.

The dollar/TL rate, which has been under 20 TL for weeks in the free market, prices approaching 23-24 TL in the Grand Bazaar in the pre-election period, and transactions over 22 TL were taking place in the interbank market.


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