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The DGT allows you to drive at 150 km/h, but it has a trick

Since 1979 it was established that the maximum speed on highways and motorways in Spain would be limited to 120 km/h. As you can already imagine, the penalties for exceeding this figure are considerable, and the DGT is not shy about sending you home with a fine under your arm. But did you know that Is there a way to drive at 150 km/h in a totally legal way?

Within the DGT rule book there is a section that allows driving at maximum speeds of 150 km/h. Nevertheless, These are very specific cases that are not available to everyone.. According to the General Directorate of Traffic, these reasons must come under the broad umbrella of “trial or experimentation”.

All those people who have a special permit for the aforementioned reasons They may exceed the speed limit on highways and motorways by 30 km/h. Thus, the boundary would be drawn at 150 kilometers per hour, an amount so high that it does not escape the DGT radars.

How to apply to the interesting DGT clause that allows you to drive at maximum speeds of 150 km/h

Photo: DGT.

How could you obtain this authorization and thus reach your destination in a matter of minutes? Well then, The good news is that it is not available to natural persons., for obvious reasons. In fact, this permit can only be requested by companies or activities that have an investigative purpose.

Who falls into this group? According to the description of the DGT, here we have bodybuilders, vehicle manufacturers, dealers, distributors, laboratories and research centers. If the company does not comply with these labels, they may still be able to obtain a permit if they can prove that it is a test for a study related to mobility.

On the other hand, in addition to meeting the aforementioned requirementsit will only be possible to drive during a “fixed itinerary and in no case when they circulate on urban roads, crossings or on sections in which there is specific signage that limits speed,” says the General Directorate of Traffic.

With these rigorous regulations, the DGT makes sure to maintain safety on the roads of Spanish territory. After all, Spain is among the European countries with the greatest decrease in traffic accidentsat least according to the data released in mid-2022. These rules allow this downward trend to be maintained, without closing the doors to research that could improve advances in mobility technologies.

What happens if I exceed the speed limit?

Exceeding the speed limits established by the DGT can lead to large fines and penalties. The first can vary between 100 and 600 euros; meanwhile, the second includes the loss of 2, 4 or 6 points on the driver’s license. In addition, after a certain threshold, the offense becomes a crime. However, if you’re very lucky, you could get away with the penalty thanks to the speed camera’s margins of error.

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