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The designer of the Temptation hotel in Miches is committed to originality

The Egyptian nationalized American Karim Rashid, responsible for the design of the new Temptation hotel in the coastal municipality of Miches (Dominican Republic), defends the importance of industrial design to make life easier for people and calls for originality to make each hotel “an experience”. for the traveler.

The Miches ‘resort’ is the second of that company designed by Rashid, who in an interview with EFE at the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Fitur) says that he “takes advantage” of the freedoms offered by the fact that this hotel is only for adults.

“In this case, it’s a hotel where you can go topless, which is only for adults, so I took advantage of that, the sexuality,” he says.

The Egyptian began designing hotels in 2001, when he was offered to renovate a “small 54-room hotel in Athens” that became “a success and many more came.” Then the turn would come, seven years ago, to the Temptation in Cancun, where “they wanted to make new rooms and build a tower.”

“It was a great project, where I took care of everything, also the brand design, the restaurants, and I did not approach it from the point of view of the designer but from the client’s point of view, thinking about what experience they would like to take away” from their stay.

On this second occasion with the same company, Rashid was inspired “by the colors of the Dominican Republic, its beaches and its incredible vegetation”, respecting nature “but not imitating it”.

A unique hotel that drinks from the place where it is located

The designer assures that his work is his great passion and that, when he found it, he knew that he would not want to do anything else.

Critical of the traditional hotel system, he invites designers to “not copy” and create new works that are related to the places where the hotels are.

“I respect nature a lot, but I don’t think we have to copy it and there is a trend right now towards that, that we repeat it; I have never done it, I try to make new places, push the forms, progress ”, she analyzes.

In his opinion, despite the “new possibilities that technology brings”, all ‘resorts’ “are the same, made with the same material”. “My idea is how to seduce a person, to live the experience, I have been working for many years to push and break those borders”, he says.

Without fear of groundbreaking proposals such as strident tones or very open spaces, he uses “a lot of color” in his work: “I play with data, information, with technology and at the same time I pay attention to space, I read a lot in the color of places ”.

“If you look, in Latin America Colombia is not the same as Jamaica, the color is unique in each place, which has its artists, painters and we are losing all that, because we are doing generic things,” he laments.

The functionality of the design

Remember that one of the basic functions of industrial design is functionality and that, furthermore, new technologies should already have improved certain processes, also in the world of hotels.

“In the hotel where I am staying in Madrid these days, which is one of the most famous, everything related to the experience has been terrible, with all the technology that exists and it takes you more than half an hour to register” , exemplified.

Regarding design, he gives the example of something as simple and common as a chair: “in the world there are millions of chairs with millions of designs, there should be no excuses for making it uncomfortable and yet I am sitting on one that is not comfortable”.

For this reason, it makes designers cling to the idea of ​​making products “gently” and thinking about the “experience” of the person when using it.

“In design there are many levels, one of them is functionality, you can use technology to improve designs or lighting, all my work is very fluid, you have better experiences because you don’t have obstacles in the way”, he concludes.

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