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The demand of Indian Idol Boycott, seeing the top 15, the fans told the show Fake, what is the matter?

Controversy has become common in the name of reality shows. The debate has started regarding Big Boss, Khatron Ke Khiladi and now Indian Idol. Although it has been said earlier about Indian Idol that this talent hunt show is scripted. But now the fans of the show seem to be stamping this. The reason for this is being told to Rito Riba, who came to audition in the 13th season of Indian Idol.

Announcement of top 15 contestants
A few years ago, singers had to work hard to get recognition in the industry. Then started singing platforms like Indian Idol. Knowing how many people made their careers from this show which started 18 years ago. But time passed and the formats of competitive shows started changing. Now these shows are seen more as scripted shows according to talent hunt less TRP.

Fans have been forced to believe this. Recently, the name of the top 15 contestants finalized in Indian Idol season 13 was announced on Sony TV’s official Instagram page. The final list includes Rishi Singh, Shivam Singh, Bidipta Chakraborty, Sonakshi Kar, Navdeep Wadali, Senjuti Das, Chirag Kotwal, Sanchari Sengupta, Kavya Limaye, Anushka Patra, Rupam Bharnarhia, Pritam Roy, Debosmita Roy, Shagun Pathak, Vineet Singh. Is.

Rito Riba out of the list
The makers released the final list but they probably had no idea that after this a new controversy would be born. Seeing the name of Rito Riba in the list, the users were furious. After which the demand to boycott Indian Idol started on social media. People demanded to bring back Rito. You must be wondering why there was so much ruckus in the name of Rito. Let me tell you.

Rito Riba is a singer and music composer from Arunachal Pradesh. Rito has his own YouTube channel, which has more than two lakh subscribers. In season 13 of Indian Idol, he also came to audition. He auditioned, after which he told about himself, who he is and where he has come from, what he does. After this Himesh Reshammiya, one of the judges, asked him to recite a song written by himself. Rito also narrated the song he composed in the audition. Which people liked very much. Along with the judges, the world became convinced of his voice.

Demand to bring back Rito

Despite this, when Rito was not selected, the anger of the fans flared up. He demanded to bring Rito back on the show. Fans do not like the fact that when they liked Rito’s song so much, then why they were not selected. After all, what was the reason that despite reciting his composed song, he was rejected. Rito is also very happy to see such affinity of the fans. Although he could not get selected, but seeing the support and anger of the fans, he shared a post on his Insta account. Rito wrote- ‘I am thankful to everyone. Please don’t be sad that I could not get selected in the next round. It is a great achievement for me that I was able to represent my state in a short while.

The big thing is that Vishal Dadlani himself has also commented on this post of Rito. Vishal wrote- ‘You are a star, my friend. And looking at this note of yours, I can say that your heart is very big. Nothing is a bigger fact than this that you can write, compose and sing your own songs. I keep humming your tunes even today. This is a huge hit, which is just waiting for the time. If you ever need help recording or releasing it, I am here.

Vineet got Rito’s place
Seeing Rito’s rejection, selected contestant list and Vishal’s comment, it did not take long for the fans to get angry. Fans also expressed their displeasure over one name among the selected contestants. Seeing the name of Vineet Singh in the list, people started calling the show even more fake. According to the concept of the show, new talent is discovered in it and they are given a platform. Then how can Vineet’s name come in this list. Because Vineet has already been a part of a singing talent show.

Vineet is the runner up of Saregamapa Singing Superstar. He was in Himesh Reshammiya’s team. After the show, Vineet sang many songs, did live shows. Vineet also sang songs for films like Hookah Bar and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Despite all the popularity, due to his mistakes, he came back to the ground. Vineet has got a chance to compete back in Indian Idol. Seeing this, the fans are feeling worse for Rito. According to the fans, the place that Rito could have got was snatched away because of Vineet.

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