Monday, December 11, 2023

The day that Valentín Elizalde faced the Terrible Morales after a party

Erik ‘Terrible’ Morales had great rivals inside the ring, but the former world champion also revealed one of the strangest confrontations in his life, when he got involved in an argument with the late singer Valentín Elizalde.

In the last chapter of the Un Round Más podcast, where Morales shares microphones with Marco Barrera, the also former deputy spoke about the misunderstanding he had with the famous “Golden Rooster.”

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Without disclosing the date of this event, Erik Morales recalled a party to which he was invited by José Ángel Ledezma “El Coyote”, and where one of the artists was the interpreter of songs like ‘Vete Ya’.

“Several artists sang, among them Valentín Elizalde, and then time passed, like a year, and one day suddenly my other compadre, Cachorro Édgar, would go; We were on the road talking about many things and in that he tells me ‘Valentín Elizalde is pissed off with you’, and I ‘I don’t like it, I don’t know him, why?’, Terrible Morales affirmed.

“Because it says you took it down from the stage at the Coyote party,” he recalled.

‘I asked him when that happened, I didn’t download it, I just listened to the artists and I went to hell because I didn’t have control and I was like “Güey, it wasn’t me”, he said.

Then he clarified that there were five godparents at that party and spoke with the ‘Golden Rooster’, clarifying that it was not his fault that he was taken off the stage.

“He sat on the floor and told me ‘I’m upset with you’, and I ‘give me permission to tell you the story: I just arrived, I listened, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting you, I like your music and I left. We were like five godparents, ”he assured, while they spent the evening with the singer.

Valentín Elizalde was one of the most relevant grupera music performers in the early 2000s, until his death in 2006.

Érik Morales ended his boxing career in 2012, when he fell by knockout against Danny García in New York.


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