Sunday, December 10, 2023

‘The day I die, will you come to my grave too?’ Rakhi Sawant got angry on paparazzi, wept bitterly

Whatever drama queen Rakhi Sawant does, she comes in the limelight. These days he is in the limelight because of his marriage and controversy with Sherlyn Chopra. Now a new video of Rakhi has come out, which is being discussed a lot. In the video, Rakhi Sawant cries while getting angry at the paparazzi. Rakhi’s sorrow is also reflected, she says something while crying which you can be shocked to hear.

Why did Rakhi become emotional?

Rakhi Sawant asks paparazzi- tell me one thing, will you come to my grave on the day I died? As my situation is, you don’t know, don’t know, what will happen. Rakhi Sawant goes away crying while saying this. Paparazzi also consoled Rakhi Sawant after listening to her. One said – No, no, you may live for thousands of years, don’t say like this, there is a lot of time now. There a photographer was seen having fun. He says – No, I will come. Will have to come.

Rakhi trolled

This emotional video of Rakhi is going viral. Seeing Rakhi crying like this where many people are emotional. At the same time, some users were seen having fun. User wrote- All the sorrows of the world on one side and Rakhi’s makeup on one side. The person wrote – Maybe it is like this, but don’t know if it is overacting so much that it looks fake. The user writes – Just 4 days ago, we got married and was very happy, then suddenly where did this sadness come from? The user wrote – I swear he is such a gimmick.

Enjoying Rakhi, the user said – the situation is bad, but did not forget to apply fake eyelashes. There are also some people who support Rakhi. Who was seen consoling them. Singer Rahul Vaidya has also commented on this video. They write- Hey Hey Rakhi, what happened? By the way, being a troll is not a new thing for Rakhi Sawant. Whatever she does, she gets trolled. Whether you troll Rakhi Sawant or support her, but the ‘drama’ of the drama queen cannot be ignored.


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