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The cordial greeting from Tebas and Laporta in the LaLiga assembly

In the video, broadcast by LaLiga, Laporta is seen arriving at the meeting room and going to Thebes to greet him. Both leaders exchanged a few words, with apparent cordialityafter having both publicly demanded the resignation of the other.

Since the video is silent, the content of his words is not known, nor are those that were exchanged with Jose Angel Sanchez, general manager of Real Madrid and representative of the white club in the assembly, in the absence of its president, Florentino Pérez. In the previous hours, both clubs had thrown each other’s alleged Francoism in the face.

The president of Barça, Joan Laporta, arrives this Wednesday at the LaLiga headquarters for the institution’s extraordinary assembly. ISABEL INFANTES / REUTERS

Negreira Assembly

LaLiga convened this assembly on April 4, with the aim of demanding explanations from Barça about the Negreira case and, as this newspaper advanced, exploring the possibility of revolutionizing the arbitration establishment. LaLiga’s claim is that he Technical Committee of Referees stop depending exclusively on the RFEF, but both the Spanish Sports Law and the FIFA statutes turn that desire into a chimera.

Laporta had announced his attendance at this assembly during the press conference he offered on Monday on the Negreira case. LaLiga had zero confidence in his presence when he called the conclave, but the Barcelona president confirmed his presence in an institution in which he has sometimes come to delegate his vote to the representative of Real Madrid.

Tebas-Laporta crossed attacks

In said press conference, he had very harsh words towards Thebes, whom he accused of “lack of professionalism”, of being “reckless” and of having instigated a “campaign” against Barça, adding “fuel to the fire” so that other institutions such as UEFA participate in the “public lynching” of the Catalan club.

Laporta attended the assembly accompanied by the ‘compliance officer’ Sergi Atienza and the head of the legal department Pere Lluis Mellado. The Barça president had regretted that no First Division president had called him beforehand to find out first-hand about Barça’s version of the case.


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