Friday, December 8, 2023

The Copa del Rey starts without surprises

He Levante, Espanyol, Las Palmas, Almería, Eibar and Castellón They asserted their favoritism and surpassed this Tuesday the first round of the Copa del Rey after winning a single-match tie against lower-ranked rivals.

In the case of The Palms and the Almeriathe two First Division teams that were playing their matches, got rid of Manacor and Talavera de la Reina. The Canaries dominated 0-3 with goals from Julián Araujo, Alberto Moleiro and Pau Ferrer while the Andalusian team won 0-2 thanks to goals from Largie Ramazani and Marko Milovanovic.

They also met the forecasts Levante, Espanyol and Eibar; three clubs currently occupying direct promotion or promotion promotion positions in the silver category of Spanish football.

The Levante squad gave Varea no chance, which they beat 0-3 thanks to goals from Carlos Álvarez, Róbert Ibáñez and Dani Gómez. Espanyol also passed with solvency, who made good a double by Salvi Sánchez scored between the 36th and 38th minute. As for Eibar, they defeated Lorca Deportiva 0-4 thanks to the successes in the second half of Ángel Troncho , Konrad de la Fuente and Ager Aketxe on two occasions.

The day was completed by the duel between Cacereño and Castellón, the only one that was decided beyond regulation time. The Castellón team, leader of group 2 of the First Federation, won 2-3 after equaling a 1-0 deficit in the initial ninety minutes and coming back from 2-1 in extra time.

Matches of the first round of the Copa del Rey

  • Messenger 0 ESPANYOL 2

  • Varea 0 LIFT 3

  • Cacereño 2 CASTELLÓN 3

  • Manacor 0 LAS PALMAS 3

  • Talavera de la Reina 0 ALMERÍA 2

  • Lorca Deportiva 0 EIBAR 4


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