Sunday, December 10, 2023

The controversy of ‘CNET’ and its articles written by artificial intelligence have opened a Pandora’s box

The use of artificial intelligence has skyrocketed on all fronts. While the focus is on ChatGPT and the algorithms that generate images, the reality is that the integration of the technology into workflows goes beyond a simple chatbot. A case that has gained strength in recent days is the publication of articles written by IA in CNET.

At the beginning of the month, Futurism reported that the technology website has published dozens of articles generated with artificial intelligence. Automation goes beyond one or two paragraphs, as it CNET he gave the green light for them to be written in their entirety. There are more than 70 pieces signed under the pseudonym CNET Moneyall focused on financial advice and presumably verified by the editorial team.

The use of artificial intelligence to write full articles has generated controversy among the public and some members of the press. Far from the fear of being replaced by an AI in the short term, the criticism focuses on the lack of transparency of the medium with its readers. Each post features a disclaimer stating “This article was assisted by an AI engine and reviewed, verified, and edited by our editorial team,” albeit in such small typeface that it would go unnoticed by the general public.

The veracity of the content was also questioned. A second article from Futurism he discovered that some articles have blunders in basic finance concepts. The artificial intelligence that writes in CNET misinterprets the information, resulting in miscalculations of interest on a loan or earnings from investing.

Soon you will not be able to tell if the article was generated by a human or an artificial intelligence


Given the controversy, CNET defended the use of automated tools in writing articles. Connie Guglielmo, editor-in-chief, published a piece that try to make posts transparent with artificial intelligence from your finance section. Guglielmo mentions that they discovered errors such as incomplete company names, transposed numbers or confusing language.


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