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The common mistake you have to avoid when buying V16 lights

Nobody likes it stay in the middle of the road because his vehicle has left him stranded. What’s more: this situation can become complicated and even dangerous if we do not comply with the regulations indicated by the General Directorate of Traffic in this regard. Until now, we are obliged to wear a reflective vest so that the rest of the drivers see us from a certain distance and thus avoid greater harm. We must also place reflective triangles that warn of a broken down car or a car parked on the road. But with the new DGT regulations, you will have to buy V16 lights. A new pre-signaling device that will save us a lot of trouble.

However, as is the case with any component of your vehicle, not all models, brands or manufacturers are the same. That is to say: not all are approved by the competent authority. When public organizations such as the General Directorate of Traffic implement this type of measures, they are usually accompanied by a list of characteristics that must be met to consider them approved. And if we talk about the V16 lights, they must meet a series of requirements to meet your goal.

The deadline is 2026. More specifically, January 1, 2026. If nothing changes, from that date, the V16 signals will be the only legal devices of danger warning. But just buying any V16 light won’t be enough. It is very important that they comply with a requirement that, in the eyes of many, goes unnoticed.

What V16 devices should be like

Credit: General direction of traffic

V16 devices have two main functions. As we saw in a previous article, on the one hand they serve to make your damaged or parked vehicle visible to other drivers when you travel on a road, highway or highway. For this reason, this “yellow beacon emits a high intensity 360º light intermittently and continuously for at least 30 minutes.” For it to work, “it incorporates a cell or battery with a useful life of a minimum of 18 months.”

According to the General Directorate of Traffic itself, these V16 lights must be in the vehicle glove box. Thus, in the event of a breakdown or accident, we can activate it in a matter of seconds and place it “preferably on the roof of the vehicle.” Something similar to mermaids that plainclothes police officers place on their cars to signal their status as authority.

But the important part of these devices, and one that not everyone keeps in mind when buying V16 lights, is that they must be able to connect to the DGT 3.0 platform to “transmit your location in real time and notify other road users of the situation.” This second function, which will be applied progressively, has to do with the medium and long-term connectivity of Spanish roads, the General Directorate of Traffic and the cars themselves. When the DGT 3.0 platform is 100% implemented, if a vehicle has the V16 signal activated, it will be indicated in the nearby information signs. And compatible vehicles, They will receive that information on their screens.

Buy approved V16 lights
Credit: SOS ROAD Connected

You may have already purchased V16 lights. Are On sale from January 2023. However, keep in mind that if you already have one of these devices for your vehicle, you should make sure that they connect to the DGT 3.0 system. If the answer is no, you have time until January 2026 to buy connected V16 signals. If the answer is yes, you don’t have to do anything else. Simply keep the lights in the glove compartment and use them when you need them. That and check the battery when indicated by the manufacturer.

And if you have not yet gone to buy one of the V16 lights that your car must be fitted with by 2026, avoid making the mistake of buying signals without connectivity. Until that date, you will be able to use them without problems. But they will serve you for less than 3 years. Then you will be forced to buy one of these devices again. With connectivity, yes or yes.

Beyond the expense involved, the V16 lights have a reason for being. Every 100 seconds, they will send your position to the General Directorate of Traffic so that they know where you are and thus take the necessary precautions. Especially, adapted signage and/or the enabling of more lanes depending on the traffic at that time. For the rest, in the price of the V16 light comes the 12 year connectivity As minimum. Without having to register with an operator or buy an additional SIM card. Everything is integrated into the pre-signaling device.

You will find more information about the V16 lights in this link, as well as on this DGT page. There you will see all the certified brands and models. And you will avoid the mistake of buying lights without connectivity that you will have to change in less than three years.

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