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The Colombian David Alonso takes the victory in Misano

The Colombian of Spanish origin David Alonso (Gas Gas), 17 years old, did it again and in the last lap of the San Marino Moto3 Grand Prix, at the “Marco Simoncelli” circuit in Misano Adriatico, he achieved his third victory in the last four races with a maneuver of a true veteran.

When the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM) and Spanish Jaume Masia (Honda) were fighting for the lead of the race in the last corners of the last lap, David Alonso knew how to “see” the play as if it were a video game and “snuck” inside turn fourteen to both of them sentence a new and brilliant victory.

Just a few minutes before the start of the Moto3 test came confirmation of the Spaniard’s continuity David Munoz (KTM) during 2024 in the same team in which he is currently, BOE Motorsports, which surely gave the Sevillian driver the necessary peace of mind to face the second Italian race from the seventh position he occupied in the starting formation.

As soon as the traffic light went out it was the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (HusqvarnaI who took the lead of the race, ahead of the Spanish Jaume Masiá (Honda), author of the pole position, who soon took the lead before even finishing the first lap.

From behind, the world leader, also Spanish Daniel Holgado (KTM), pushed hard from eighth place to avoid losing contact with the leading group, where Masiá made a strong initial push to break the race at the first opportunity, which in the second lap already lost its first protagonist , the Spanish David Salvador (KTM).

Masiá already set the fastest race lap (1:41.971 and 1:41.916) in his second and third lap, which gave him a second advantage over his immediate pursuer, head of the group, the Brazilian. Diogo Moreira (KTM).

While Jaume Masiá pushed hard to try to complete the race alone, from behind the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM) and Diogo Moreira assumed the responsibility of chasing the leader, with Ayumu Sasaki ahead of David Alonso (Gas Gas), David Muñoz, and the japanese Kaito Toba (Honda), among others, a few meters further back.

Masiá continued setting the fastest lap in the fifth lap, but from behind he was approaching the same pace as quick lap (1:41.565) by the Turkish Öncü, who also established with that record a new absolute record for fastest lap in the race, and it was not going to be the last.

And in the sixth lap, with a more temporizing Masiá, both Öncü and Moreira ended up “hooking up” from behind and they were also “stone’s throw“, Sasaki, Muñoz, Alonso and Toba, with a larger group to a second headed by the Dutchman Collin Veijer (Husqvarna).

In just a couple of laps the race situation changed completely, with Jaume Masiá still the leader of the race, but now with up to six dangerous breakaway “companions”, who ended up being joined by both Collin Veijer and the Spaniard. José Antonio Rueda (KTM).

On the eleventh lap Jaume Masiá gave up the race lead for the first time to the Turkish Deniz Öncü and even lost second place to David Muñoz, while from behind the Spaniards tried to “get hooked” on that fight Iván Ortolá (KTM) and Daniel Holgado (KTM), the world leader.

Öncü’s push to the front of the race led to a new cut at the front of the race, turn twelvewith four outstanding drivers from the rest, which, in addition to the Turk, included Jaume Masiá, David Muñoz and David Alonso, who set a new fastest lap record with 1:41.355.

From that moment on, the game of strategies began between all of them, with Deniz Öncü assuming the role of leader almost at all times, who carried the burden of setting the pace practically until the last lap and with David Alonso who seemed to have trouble keeping up of their opponents in some of the stages of the Adriatic route.

Three laps from the end it was David Muñoz who had a scare with the front wheel of his motorcycle, which saved with skillbut that made him fall to the bottom of the group while Öncü remained firm as the leader.

This is how we entered the last lap, with Deniz Öncü as the leader, but with Jaume Masiá and David Alonso, who scored a new fastest lap record in race (1:41.297) close to him and David Muñoz already somewhat out of the fight for the podium.

Alonso overtook Masiá and tried to hunt down Öncü, but Masiá stuck to them and, when the fight for the lead seemed centered on Öncü and Masiá, David Alonso waited to see the “play” of both to get inside and achieve the third victory of the season, all of them in the last four races held to date.

Together with Alonso they finished on the podium Jaume Masiá and Deniz Öncü, with David Muñoz in fourth place, ahead of the Dutch Collin Veijer, the Japanese Kaito Toba and Ayumu Sasaki and the Spanish Iván Ortolá and José Antonio Rueda.

The world leader, Daniel Holgado, finished out of the points, sixteenth, with problems in the final laps that made him lose many positions, although Holgado maintains the first position in the points table, but with barely four points advantage about Sasaki and twelve regarding Jaume Masiá.

David Alonso is fifth in the championship standings, with 140 points compared to Holgado’s 161.


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