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The co-creator of ‘The Last of Us’ was left out of the HBO series and revived an old controversy

It has barely debuted, but the series of The Last of Us from HBO and HBO Max is already a hit with global impact. However, not everything is rosy. Bruce Straleyco-creator and co-director of the original PlayStation game with Neil Druckmann, was not part of this adaptation, which revived an old controversy on unionization and workers’ rights in the video game industry.

In a recent interview with Los Angeles Times By the series premiere, Straley’s case did not go unnoticed. It is that, although Druckmann is usually recognized as the main ideologue of The Last of Ushis partner was a key part of the success of the PS3 title that was launched in 2013. Despite this, his name does not appear in the opening credits of the series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

In the opening sequence, Neil Druckmann is mentioned as executive producer and creator of the adaptation alongside Craig Mazin. However, the only reference to the game reads: Based on the PlayStation Studios video game created by Naughty Dog and written by Neil Druckmann. About Bruce Straley, nothing.

But the disappointment of the latter would not only be due to the lack of public recognition, but also economic. Although in this case, his absence from the television version of The Last of Us It would not be because of HBO or Neil Druckmann’s decision, but because their relationship with Sony and Naughty Dog it would not have been on the best terms after leaving the studio.

series of The Last of Us does not recognize the contribution of one of the creators of the video game

Bruce Straley left Naughty Dog in 2017, after an 18-year tenure with the company. The troubled development of Uncharted 4 was one of the reasons why he decided to leave the company, assuring have been very worn for the hard work that went into completing the game in just two years. Let’s not forget that said title had been in charge of Amy Hennig, who left the company in 2014.

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