Thursday, September 21, 2023

The ‘closet bottom’ leaves doubts

If these preseason friendlies are good for anything, it’s for test players and see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the team. And this Wednesday’s match against San Fernando It was very revealing, not because of the result, but because of the sensations and level that some players showed. Pellicer wanted to test, something normal at this time, and surely he could draw good conclusions from what he saw on the pitch. The sports director also had to take them out Loren Juarros, present in the box of the Malaga Federation during the match.

Sergio Pellicer opted for an eleven with many footballers who a priori are not called to be Headlines, and some of them left serious doubts. One of the jobs that should be of most concern is that of centralat least, after what was seen before the San Fernando, which was much better than Málaga in the first 45 minutes. The coach opted for Moussa and Andres Caroand the defensive fragility in the axis of the rear it was evident. Not only because of the conceded goal, but also because the blue and white central defenders granted chances and shots where they should have prevailed forcefully. More marked of the two remains Moussa, who has appeared in the photo of the two goals conceded in this preseason. Right now, Juande and Einar Galilee They are hands down and don’t seem to have much competition. In fact, it’s probably right now Genaro was chosen ahead of the homegrown players as a punctual solution.

The Blue and Whites celebrate the goal against San Fernando.

With this scenario there is no other go to the market to signat least, a central defender who can fight for the position with Juande and Galileeand reinforce that position. Loren Juarros You should already be getting to work, because there are just over two weeks left before the official competition begins.

Another area where deficiencies are seen is in the extremes. For now, the only one standing out in that position is Kevin. It is true that larubia stood out before him San Fernando with a great goal playing in that position, but he is not a winger to use. Juan Hernandez He has just arrived and it is still early to assess him and the rest of the footballers who can play in that position are mere alternatives due to shortcomings. So Loren must have written down the name several extremes on the shopping list to go for a piece that contributes the most biting team in the final meters.

At the group level, it was very noticeable when the ‘first swords‘ In the second half. Málaga CF went from being practically subdued by an opponent of the same category, without even creating a chance, to dominating and being able to tie the game. And beyond the result, the sensations were completely different in the first and second parts.

Dani Sánchez, when falling

Another post where there were still shortcomings after the arrival of Victor Garcia It was the one on the left side. In the next few hours it can be resolved with the signing of Daniel Sanchezplayer who was already in the house in the subsidiary and youth. Victor OlmoAfter a year without competing due to a serious injury, he has not yet started and the club’s plans are to look for a loan for him so that he can have minutes and recover physically and mentally.


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