Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Civil Guard warns: if you have a password similar to any of these, change it now

The Civil Guard has once again emphasized the importance of creating strong passwords to avoid being victims of an attack by cybercriminals. Given the greater sophistication of fraudsters, both when it comes to deceiving third parties and solving the passwords of third parties, the Armed Institute has released through his Twitter account the most common mistakes of society when establishing a security password. Do you resort to any of these tricks to create your own? Stop doing it as soon as possible to avoid problems like these.

Through this tweet, the Civil Guard recalls the importance of being original when establishing a password. In this way, and if you are one of those who use passwords like 123456, you better stop doing it as soon as possible. And it is that, as shown by platforms such as How secure is my passwordcybercriminals could get hold of it instantly. Nor do you resort to consecutive letters on the keyboard, such as the mythical QWERTY, since you will leave the doors wide open so that scammers can take over your accounts in a matter of seconds.

Avoid these passwords

Among the rest of the passwords that you should not use under any circumstances, we can find others such as personal names, special dates or any mobile phone number. And it is that, in case the scammers have previously obtained any of your data, they will be able to get hold of your password quickly. Also avoid common words from your dictionary such as ‘Password’ or ‘Password’, as they are not robust enough to deal with the technology developed by cybercriminals.

Remember that the more characters the better, so when creating a new password use capital letters, numbers and even special characters so that it is as long as possible and difficult to guess. As you add these types of characters, you will be able to see how cybercriminals will take longer and longer to solve it.

FBI tips for creating a strong password

The US federal police (FBI) offers, in a statement posted on their website, a series of recommendations to protect your passwords from attacks by third parties. The first of these is to create passwords of at least 15 characters that combine upper and lower case letters. On the other hand, the FBI recommends using several words that have no relationship to each other when making a new password. From the point of view of the FBI, it is much more effective to create a password with the structure ‘DirectorMonthLearningTruck’, than others that are apparently more secure such as ‘D1r3ct0r*’.

Lastly, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) advise against changing all passwords from time to time for security reasons. In his view, we shouldn’t change passwords unless there is some problem, sign of attack, or event that could compromise security. Therefore, create secure passwords and bet on managers to keep your personal and banking data safe.


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