Sunday, December 10, 2023

The ‘Chinese WhatsApp’ will not offer a double blue ‘tick’ as it is considered a “psychological burden”

The WeChat social networkconsidered the Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp -censored in the Asian country-, will not activate a function to find out if a contact has read a message similar to the blue double ‘tick’ of the US application, considering that it “increases the psychological load” for the users.

Zhang Jun, general director of public relations of Tencent, developer of WeChat, wanted to come out of the rumors that emerged on the network of ‘microblogging‘ Weibo -similar to Twitter, also censored in China- about the possibility that the application incorporated this function.

“We believe that (the) ‘read’ function can increase the psychological burden and social pressure on recipients of messages, so WeChat has been adamant not to display it since its launch, and will not display it in a future,” Zhang said on his Twitter account. Weibo.

According to data provided by Tencent, at the end of the first quarter, WeChat had up to 1,319 million monthly active users, that is, those who use the application at least once a month.

Beyond the messaging features, WeChat is very popular in China to effect pelectronic agos, read press articles and bloggingor carry out an infinite number of digital procedures through its system of ‘mini-applications’.


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