Thursday, March 23, 2023

The ChatGPT craze works: Bing and Microsoft Edge are already cutting ground from Google and Chrome

For the first time in its history, Bing has managed to exceed 100 million active daily users. This achievement comes barely a month after the integration of the service with ChatGPT, the chatbot that has become the favorite toy of Internet users. For Microsoft, this result is a demonstration that “search must be reinvented and the unique value proposition of combining Search + Answers + Chat + Create in a single experience.”

Despite the success, Microsoft describes the number as “a small business with a share in the single digits.” However, has served to position Bing as an ideal alternative to the hegemony of Google. So it’s clear that Redmond’s proof of intent in integrating ChatGPT with Bing is working better than we thought. In turn, the company has observed “an increase in engagement” from users, who increasingly turn to Bing to carry out their daily searches.

Nevertheless, Bing’s growth isn’t solely due to ChatGPT, says Microsoft. The introduction of the Prometheus model, which improves the search quality significantly, has also played an important role in this recent achievement. Thus, we could see an increase in the number of users if the company continues to play its cards right.

In it official blog from Microsoft also describes how Bing Chat has seen more than 45 million chat sessions since its launch. In addition, a third of registered preview users use the tool on a daily basis to answer their queries. This reveals the clear impact that artificial intelligence has had on the success of the company.

Daily active users of the Bing Mobile app have also seen growth. According to Microsoft, people who use the app to answer their questions from their mobile devices have multiplied by six.

Microsoft Edge also grows alongside Bing

Bing with ChatGPT |  Microsoft |  AI |  edge

In addition to Bing, Microsoft also reports growth in the use of its Edge browser. The company is hopeful that the upcoming integration with Bing Search and the Edge search bar will end up increasing the number of people who turn to it as their preferred method of navigation.

Although the rise has been boosted by the arrival of ChatGPT to Bing, Microsoft clarifies that Edge has been seeing appreciable growth for the past seven quarters.

As more people use the new Bing and Edge, we see new features being tested and adopted that demonstrate the value of an integrated search and chat experience.

Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Modern Life, Search and Devices at Microsoft

It seems that Bing has already achieved what it needed to compete with Google. After years of betting on its browser, Microsoft has finally been able to see positive results from users. Meanwhile, those of Mountain View have already revealed Bard, their own artificial intelligence that will arrive to integrate with the search engine. However, it seems that, after its eventful presentation, Google continues to work to improve the technology.

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