Thursday, June 8, 2023

The ChatGPT app for iOS reaches more countries. Spain is still not one of them

OpenAI is expanding its ChatGPT app for iOS to more countries just one week after announcing it exclusively for the United States. The company led by Sam Altman has confirmed that the application, which allows you to chat with the chatbot promoted by GPT-4, now available in 11 new countriesincluding some from Europe.

The ChatGPT app, specifically, arrives as of today at Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria and various countries on the European continent, such as United Kingdom, Albania, Croatia, France, Germany and Ireland. Unfortunately, the app is not available in Spain, so the only way to access and use the AI ​​is through the web. OpenAI, yes, affirms that support for more countries will be added soon.

Until now, let’s remember, the ChatGPT app was only available in the United States, with functions very similar to the chatbot that we can access from the OpenAI website, but with some advantages. One of them, of course, is the best user experience on mobile devices. And it is that we can ask questions or any other type of query in a much more intuitive way and with a better adapted interface.

The ChatGPT app also has some additional settings. Among them, the possibility of establishing a default input language —for example, Spanish or English—. Also a button to delete the conversation history, or a section to prevent queries from being saved and, therefore, they are deleted immediately when leaving the app.

How to try ChatGPT if the app is not available in your country

In Spain, we reiterate, the ChatGPT app is not yet available. However, there are different ways to access AI via mobile. One of them is from the OpenAI website itself. To do this, just open any browser and click on this link.

It is also possible to use ChatGPT without the app on the iPhone through different shortcuts which we can access directly from the main screen. These also allow you to perform tasks on the iPhone itself. There are different options, but the most attractive and easiest to use is the one created by MacStories. If you prefer, you can also test the capabilities of ChatGPT through Bing chat.

ChatGPT, yes, is not the only chatbot currently available. In addition to Bing’s, which works with GPT-4—the same language model used by ChatGPT—there’s also Bard, designed by Google. This, for the moment, is available in a limited number of countries in which Spain is not included.

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