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The challenges to face on the 5G network

Today, opening a computer or cell phone to send files, take classes, monitor health, among other activities, may seem simple and everyday. However, behind these actions are involved processes, technologies and innovations that demand immediacy and efficiency.

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Given this perspective the AT&T company developed the 5G Fund, an initiative to streamline the technological ecosystem in Mexico, which seems to promise and need greater interconnection between people, companies and industries.

said project He presented the winners whose proposals work as an innovation in different industries such as: Aidicare, in the health sector; BlockNode (Mine KPI’s), in logistics and 5G Enabled Robotics, at the academy. Although they present solutions for different needs, they also have to face multiple challenges, both globally and locally.

Global challenges, local challenges

It is important to highlight that the 5G network coexists with other networks such as 3G and 4G, but the former has a higher connection and speed, which means an advantage over the last two.

The main challenge when thinking about the 5G ecosystem is sustainability in economic terms within the countryin the words of Mónica Aspe Berna, CEO of AT&T Mexico, the best way to achieve this is “triggering the use within the business and commercial market”, since it is these sectors that determine the impulse of the network.

AT&A 5G Fund Winners

To this are added financing through investments globally, although these capital injections exist, its return is not visible in the short term, but is based on faith towards technological evolution and the commercial uses that are given to itso maintaining them is an issue that is still under debate.

Knotted to this, lies the infrastructure, which will determine the geographical expansion, since this network has the promise of being a super highway for the detonation and the advance in Mexicoespecially for improve the competitiveness and production of the country at the Latin American level.

In our country, Competition and high spectrum costs make the product more expensive, compared to Europe, even becoming the most expensive in Latin America. In this sense, when it is adjusted to people’s ability to pay, it exceeds their financial limits, which slows down business.

joint solutions

Faced with this technological revolution, one of the solutions to face the challenges is collaboration between various companies and industry sectors, such as producers, manufacturers, developers and customers.

Mónica Aspe Bernal spoke about the challenges facing the 5G network

The latter is particularly important in responding to difficulties, since it to the extent that the network is used to meet the needs, the corresponding innovations can be made.

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Besides, the 5G network also needs educational institutions who will be in charge of generate specialized talent, through study plans that have a real application within the industries to satisfy the demands that the market generates.

On the other hand, To solve the issue of competition and costs in Mexico, financing is required from the government, as well as other institutions; a better regulation of public policies on telecommunications and support through tax exemptions.


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