Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Catalan Government calls Real Madrid’s video about Barça and Francoism “‘crude’ fake new'” and “indecent manipulation”

The Catalan Generalitat has intervened in the bitter debate generated after the appearance on Monday Joan Laporta before the media and in which he accused the real Madrid, that has appeared as an accusation in the judicial action that is being followed to clarify the reasons for the FC Barcelona paid for two decades the services of the then vice president of the referees committee Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. The president of Barça accused the Madrid entity of “cynicism” for appearing in the cause when it has been “the team of various regimes.”

Late at night, the entity that presides over Florentino Perez responded to Laporta’s words with a video in which he insinuates that the Barça was the most favored team, and delivered to Francoism.

The Catalan Government, this Tuesday, has labeled “gross manipulation ” and of “indecent ‘fake new'” Madrid video. Executive spokesperson, Patricia Plaja, He has added to his own words that the action of Real Madrid supposes “great gross irresponsibility, manipulation and an insult to the thousands of people who were retaliated by the Franco dictatorship”. Among them, he highlighted, “the president of FC Barcelona himself Josep Sunol”, arrested in the Sierra de Guadarrama, in August 1936, and right there “shot”, without ever having found his remains. Sunol, in addition, He was an ERC deputy.

For all these reasons, the Generalitat has asked Real Madrid “Remove the video and apologize.”


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