Friday, December 8, 2023

The Carpena was not enough

The Martín Carpena party could not be completed with a victory for Unicaja. But surely the more than 10,000 green fans who were present in the stands of the Palacio de los Deportes They are already counting the hours to return and vibrate with their team in search of beating Barça and forcing the fifth game at the Palau. The “green tide” gave another recitalbefore and during the match and fired his team shouting “Málaga, Málaga”, to start preparing the pressure cooker for Tuesday.

The fans from Málaga made themselves felt from minutes before the start. The atmosphere outside an hour after the crash already foreshadowed that the inside was going to be a real “green hell.” The stands of the Martín Carpena were filled with fans much earlier than usual. Twenty minutes after the start of the clash, the noise from the fans was already that of a special afternoon.

The green fans filled the Carpena in the third game of the series. Gregory Marrero

And everything exploded when it was their turn to announce the players over the public address system. First, a monumental whistle on the rival and then lights off and flashlights from mobile phones in the air to receive the players and the coach who is making an entire city dream. Because the dream continues.

Anger with arbitration

And once the game started things went more and more. Carpena pressed and pressed, without rest. More than 10,000 souls in unison pushed their own and raised the atmosphere in the pavilion with each controversial decision made by the referees, and there was more than one. An unsportsmanlike action against Carter when he entered the basket and was fouled ended up igniting the “green tide”, which sent the trio off at halftime with a tremendous whistle.

The atmosphere remained heated throughout the meeting. Even when the game got more complicated, those in green kept pushing in search of a comeback that was getting more and more complicated. The night could have ended with joy, because Barça took the victory over Málaga and recovered the field factor, but what they experienced in the pavilion is one more example that basketball has made a strong comeback to the city this year. And whatever happens in the remainder of the series, that will be left for the next season. On Tuesday, another battle to enjoy.


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