Friday, December 8, 2023

The ‘Carpena factor’ also raises doubts

Does not pass hobby of Unicaja for his best moment of spirit. It has always been said that the most difficult thing is not to get to the top, but to stay at it, and right in that process, with many nuances, the “green tide” seems to be found. Accustomed to seeing her team win last yearto enjoy the game and very unaccustomed to losing two games in a row, like now.

Beyond the results against Casademont Zaragoza (100-92) and Valencia Basket (76-82), if there is a word that defines the feeling generated in Martín Carpena compared to Álex Mumbrú’s team is anxiety. It is true that the game and the state of the team has not been the best. In fact, the coach already warned of this before the reinstatement of the injured and the consequent readjustment of roles. However, the Palace was also very far from creating a magical atmosphere in front of the taronja.

Impeccable behavior

9,262 people attended the Martín Carpena on Saturday. In fact, they are more than in the debut compared to the Lenovo Tenerife (9,022). So it is already a very positive point to have started the season with this level of attendance, driven by the 9,043 subscribers with whom the club starred in a historic campaign this summer.

Kravish returned, although in a token way. ACBPhoto-M.Pozo

However, it was not the only positive point to highlight of the night. David Kravish returned to the track after a battered plantar fasciitis that has kept him blank until now. It was seen that she is very far, understandably, from the great level of her. However, the fans, as they always do with their players, He gave the center a loud ovation of Bulgarian passport when Ibon Navarro sat him down after a few minutes with more attempts to find a competitive rhythm than to contribute things to the team.

Furthermore, despite everything that has happened these days, those who stayed until the end at the Palace thanked the players for their effort with a more than deserved applause. It is true that Carpena only pushed hard when they saw the opportunity before them to come back and during the first quarter, when the team played best. But he didn’t have the spark or constant pressure of his big days. There is one detail that sums it all up: The anthem was not sung during the match even once..

Early leave

Now, the great point of debate that has generated controversy and a multitude of conversations is the early exit that starred a percentage of the fans. Big or small? Whatever it was, there were quite a few people who left when the game, with just over a minute remaining, seemed to be more than doomed with an advantage in favor of Valencia Basket of around 8 points. A situation that never happened last year and that has now once again created a kind of division among the “green tide” itself.

Touré crushes Barreiro in the Unicaja-Valencia. ACBPHOTO/M.WELL

Precisely, it is a gesture that was very far from taking place just a few months ago. Unicaja played two games in the semifinals of the play off of the Endesa League against Barça in the Carpena. In both he had the result against him, even with a greater disadvantage than Valencia, and very few people – if not anyone – got up from their seats before the final whistle in neither of those two duels.

Hell in Euroleague

If Unicaja has stood out for something throughout its history, it is for having one of the most suffocating hobbies. All the Euroleague teams, at the time, passed through the Malaga court and it cost absolutely all of them blood, sweat and tears to win their games… if they ended up winning them, because very few managed to win here.

Now, with Unicaja needing to find sensations and victories again in the Endesa League, It is time for the ‘Carpena factor’ to return on October 14, against Joventut, in its maximum splendor. Nobody forgives in this very close Endesa League and the team has to prevail at home to rediscover its best version. It’s just much more difficult and the fans have already marked the next date at home to return the green and purple hell to the Palace. Hopefully it will be like that.


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