Sunday, December 3, 2023

The CAB Estepona opens in a Pineda that must be a fort

Homecoming for the team coached by Francis Tomé, which this Saturday (8pm, broadcast on CanalFEB) makes its home debut in the league against a newly promoted team that has made a clear economic commitment such as Club Sant Josep Obrer that, after failing to achieve promotion through sports in the phase they played at home, took over the Clarinos Tenerife plaza with the idea of ​​setting up a project that opts for everything in this LF Challenge 2023/24.

CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol will still not be able to count on its 11 players, who have not yet done a full training session together, although the recovery of the injured is close to try to deploy the team’s full potential. Meanwhile, the players of the National team and the junior team continue to help on a daily basis and will once again complete the call for a match in which Pineda is expected to show off its best clothes to once again lead the team to victory. .

Francis Tomé, without confidence

“They are a team with top-level reinforcements in Challenge and some players who come down from LF Endesa. The squad is very good and it seems that they are very well trained, proof of this is that they have just beaten Alcobendas playing very well,” said Francis Tomé, analyzing the Balearic team, which will visit Estepona this weekend.

Focused on his own, the Malaga coach assured that the group “continues to grow day by day” and although for CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol “it is still early because there are nine new players and some arrived late or are still injured” but that they will give everything so that the victory will remain in Pineda. “It is very important not to make mistakes at home,” he said.

Something that Tomé is clear about is that the public will respond again. “I think the team gave a good impression in the Andalusia Cup and we are going to make a game that the people who usually come to Pineda really likeso possibly we will have a full house,” commented the coach of the Estepona team, knowing that few pavilions are as tight as the one at the CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol when it roars.

Francis Tomé’s CAB Estepona opened the league with a defeat. The opinion

An internal power at the level of few teams

Without a doubt, Azul Marino’s commitment has focused on reinforcing the team’s paint, with a squad in which the point guard and shooting guard positions are made up of the same players who were there last season – with illustrious names such as Alejandra Quirante either Gaby Ocete-, while in the three positions closest to the basket (with many licenses regarding the forwards in this aspect) the team has been completely renewed by signing Nneka Ezeigbo, one of the most dominant interiors in the second category of national basketball in recent seasons, and Vanessa Austin, who will arrive at Bembibre from LF Endesa with the season started last season. Furthermore, the power forward duo is made up of Bojana Stevanovic -who on his last visit to Pineda left with an MVP of the day under his arm- and Clitan de Sousawho in recent seasons has been in leading teams in the category.

The locals, with two casualties in the interior positions, will have to multiply to stop the power in the painting of the Balearic teamThey will surely look for a high pace to prevent Azul Marino Viajes Mallorca from taking advantage in defense as well.


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