Friday, September 29, 2023

The brutal figures of ‘Starfield’ on Steam since its early access

Although the official launch of Starfield is scheduled for September 6, those buyers of the Premium or Constellation editions could start their adventure from today -or yesterday in America-. To the surprise of many, the game is breaking it on Steam.

Within your first two hours of availability, Starfield gathered 230,000 concurrent players on Steama beastly figure that shows the great expectation that the new Bethesda has generated.

The figure is even more surprising because, despite the fact that Starfield will be available on Xbox Game Pass starting next week, many people did not hesitate to open their wallets to pay for the most expensive editions and play it earlier.

You have to consider that the Premium and Constellation editions of Starfield they are not exactly cheap. The first can be yours for €104.99 ($2,299 in Mexico), while the other, which is also a collector’s item, shoots up to €299.99 ($8,399 in Mexico, although you can get it cheaper by importing it).

Much has been made of Xbox Game Pass having a negative effect on the market, with fewer and fewer gamers willing to pay full price for a game. Undoubtedly, it is more attractive to pay a monthly subscription and have access to more than a hundred titles.

In the case of StarfieldHowever, we have not seen this situation, at least on PC. It is clear that, with everything and the facilities that a service like Xbox Game Pass provides, when a game is widely expected, money does not become a barrier.

Starfield meets expectations

Even though the expectations surrounding Starfield prior to its launch they were too high, the adventure is not disappointing. Most agree that Bethesda has managed to transfer the fun of fallout either The Elder Scrolls to space. Of course, with the same complex systems that support it as an RPG.

One point that is surprising, especially considering Bethesda’s previous track record, is that Starfield it has very few bugs. In the past we have seen how proposals such as Fallout 76, fallout 4 and even the acclaimed skyrim They debuted with a notable number of technical failures, which were being solved through updates.

However, with Starfield they have given themselves enough time to launch it in the best possible conditions. Remember how it was delayed for almost a whole year? Well, this is the result. Xbox could no longer afford another stumble after the recent failure of redfall.

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