Sunday, May 28, 2023

The bitcoin conference will hold its next edition in the US

The bitcoin conference 2024 will take place between July 25 and 27 of next year in the city of Nashville (Tennessee) and not in Miami, as has happened in its last three editions, the organization of the event reported this Saturday.

At the close of this year’s edition, held at the Miami Beach Convention Centerin South Florida (USA), the organization of the event announced the change of venue for its next appointment, a decision that underlines the efforts “to promote the adoption of bitcoin beyond traditional financial centers” .

“We believe Nashville possesses the ideal combination of freedom-loving mindset and entrepreneurial spirit that will allow bitcoin to thrive,” David Bailey, CEO of BTC Inc., organizers of the conference, said on the main stage today.

The announcement is an unexpected twist, given that in recent years the Miami area has been seen as the emerging center of technology activity and cryptocurrencies.

“We are redefining Miami as the financial capital of the world. The decentralized financial capital of the world”, said in April 2022 the mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez, when giving the starting signal to that year’s edition, which brought together some 26,000 attendees.

This year, however, the organization expected to gather 50% of that figure, some 13,000 participants, a reflection of the fluctuations in cryptocurrencies, especially after the fall of emblematic platforms such as FTX, whose founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, has been accused by the US authorities of fraud in the management of the business.

Today, the last day of this year’s edition of the conference, the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Vivek Ramaswamy, pointed out that next year’s presidential elections will be in some way “a referendum on solid (physical) money in USA”.

As announced yesterday by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., candidate in the 2024 Democratic Party primary, Ramaswamy said today that his campaign office will also accept bitcoin donations.

“The future of this country is bright. Don’t let anyone say otherwise. Because the next era of innovation will be dominated by technologies such as bitcoin ”, Mayor Suárez said in his turn during his participation this Saturday in the conference.

The bitcoin world kicked off on Thursday at the Miami Beach Convention Center its annual conference, this year without the festive spirit, popular figures and massive attendance of 2022.

Until today, the conference has hosted some 180 presentations by experts and industry leaders, as well as a fair with more than 40 financial and technology companies that operate in the cryptocurrency environment, and a bazaar with various physical products that can be traded with digital currencies. .

The platform was responsible for its part of an art gallery built at the event venue, with works in different formats and which are almost a manifesto against fiat currencies and in favor of bitcoin as the key to equality.


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