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The bestial characteristics and price of the Lenovo Legion Go, rival of the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, are filtered

A little over a week ago, the first details of the Lenovo Legion Go emerged, the ambitious laptop that intends to stand up to the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. Now, however, much of its features have been leaked. If the information turns out to be real, we are facing a beastly proposal that will steal the looks of the sector.

According WindowsReportthe Lenovo Legion Go will integrate the processor AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme. That is, the same as the ROG Ally that is currently on the market. Of course, it seems that the Asian manufacturer could offer a more modest version, with the Ryzen Z1. Let’s remember that Asus will also follow this path with its laptop in the coming months.

The AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme is an APU based on the Zen4 and RDNA 3 architectures. It boasts a CPU with 8 cores, 16 threads and a clock frequency that reaches 5.1 GHz. The GPU, for its part, has 12 cores and offers an average graphics performance of 8.6 tereflops. In the ROG Ally it has already demonstrated its excellent performance, so we expect no less in the Lenovo Legion Go.

Continuing with the internal components, a 16 GB LPDDR5X RAM and 7,500 Mhz. Storage, for its part, would be PCIe 4.0 with capacity of 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB depending on the chosen model.

The manufacturer knows very well that, to take advantage of these specifications, it is essential to incorporate a high-end panel. The Lenovo Legion Go would have a 8.8 inch screen with resolution QHD+ (2560 x 1600 pixels) and a refresh rate of 144hz. If true, in this section it would be significantly superior to its competition.

Of course, to accommodate such a huge screen, the Lenovo Legion Go is bigger than the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. Measure 299mm. long x 131mm. high x 41mm. thick. The battery, on the other hand, will be 49.2 Wh, although there is still no concrete information on its autonomy.

In terms of connectivity, it has a 3.5-millimeter Jack audio port, USB-C input (for recharging and connecting to external displays) and a microSD card reader to expand storage. Also, it has Bluetooth 5.2 and support for Wi-Fi 6E.

Clearly, with these promising specs you can’t expect cheap cost. The Lenovo Legion Go would be priced at 799 dollars in North America and 799 euros in the European market. Be careful, the ROG Ally costs exactly the same, so the battle between the two will be interesting.

The Lenovo Legion Go bets on augmented reality

Lenovo Legion Go augmented reality glasses

If you want to vary your experience with the Lenovo Legion Go and make it even more personal, you can do it through its augmented reality glasses. The accessory, of course, will be sold separately.

The Lenovo Legion AR Glasses connect to the laptop via the USB-C port. They have a Micro LED screen with 1080p resolution for each eye and a refresh rate of up to 60 Hz. The sound section is not far behind, since it boasts a high-fidelity speaker system.

An interesting point is that they are not exclusive to the Lenovo Legion Go, since it is possible to use them with any computer. Its price will be 499 dollars / euros.

The company is expected to officially introduce the Lenovo Legion Go and augmented reality glasses next September 1st.

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