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The best way to have Android on your PC if you don’t like Windows, Linux or Chrome OS

Windows is still king of computers, but Android surpasses you in total users and it is the most popular operating system. We find it on the TV, on your mobile, tablet and maybe some other smart device. It’s no wonder feel more comfortable with Android. And the good news is that it is also possible. install android on pc. Regardless of its age.

Android is designed for touchscreens, but it can also be handled well with keyboard and mouse. Or with a game controller. There have been solutions for a long time. play android games on your pc via emulation. With apps like BlueStacks or LDPlayer. And if it’s about using Android apps and games on Windows, it can be done too.

But if you are a PC user, you may be tired of windows. More if possible if your computer is a few years old. The alternative is to install Linux or ChromeOS Flex on it. But you can also install Android on PC and thus enjoy a clean and fast interface with thousands of apps and games.

Reasons to install Android on your PC

There are several proposals focused on adapting Android to x86 processors or Intel/AMD, which includes most of today’s laptops and desktops. And it also offers support for ARM and ARM64 processorsincreasingly common in tablets and foldable hybrids. But Bliss OS stands out above them due to its careful design and the fact that it is easier to install than the rest of the options available to us.

First of all, Bliss OS for PC is adapted to work correctly on most computers. And, according to its official page, you should be able to install it without problems on a Chromebook, PC or tablet manufactured 5 years ago or less. Equipment that may have fallen into obsolescence by not receiving Software updates or whose performance leaves something to be desired.

Thus, this version of Android to install on PC works on desktop, laptop, tablet and folding hybrid. With or without touch screen. In this sense, it allows us to choose between a desktop mode and a tablet interface mode. Everything from the launcher you choose. Perfect to work without distractions or, on the contrary, to take control of everything you do in front of the PC.

Need more reasons to upgrade to Bliss OS? Although it is an unofficial version of Android, it incorporates Gapps, a software that installs the Google official apps and services on android. And if you are looking for alternatives to the official store, Google Play Store, you can also install FOSS apps and gamesan open source store.

A thousand ways to install Bliss OS on your PC

Otherwise, Bliss OS gets along well with graphics cards from Intel and AMD. If they’re NVIDIA, the support isn’t that great, but it shouldn’t be a problem for basic tasks either. Before installing this Android for PC, you can check its database if your hardware is supported.

Another interesting aspect of Bliss OS is that it can be installed in a number of ways. For example, to try it for the first time you can use a virtual machine. Its makers recommend VirtualBox or Qemu, but it should work just fine with vmware either parallels. so you can keep your windows or Linux without problems. Or try it on a Mac without changing anything. You can also test it using Docker.

Once you have tried this Android for PC, you have the possibility to install it. You can do it from a bootable USB O well directly from Windows with the help of Grub2Win, a tool that will allow you to start Windows or Bliss OS on your PC every time you turn on your computer. However, the best option is to use a dedicated PC to Bliss OS so you won’t have to worry if you accidentally delete Windows or other files you have saved.

And if you want to always carry Bliss OS with you, there is one more alternative. Can install it on a USB and thus boot any computer from that USB to start Bliss OS instead of the operating system installed on that computer. Here you have the instructions to do it with the help of Rufus, a tool that we have talked about before.

With Bliss OS you can install Android on your desktop, laptop or hybrid PC

The best of Android on your computer

All in all, Bliss OS is a great choice if you want or need give a second life to an old computer where you don’t want to have Windows or Linux. EITHER revive a chromebook that it is no longer updated or that it does not perform as expected. With this version of Android for PC you will have the best of this operating system adapted to a tablet or a computer. compatible with peripherals whatever you need for work or play.

For the rest, at the time of writing these lines, Bliss OS is available in its version 14 and 15, which are equivalent to Android 11 and Android 12. And if you need help or know more about this alternative To install Android on PC, the Bliss OS team has a Telegram channel, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, Reddit subreddits and extensive documentation in the form of a wiki plus several threads on XDA, the reference forum for ROM lovers android.

Precisely, the team behind Bliss OS is also known for create and maintain an Android ROM for those who are not happy with the installation that comes by default on their mobiles.

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