Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The BCL 23/24 enters the Unicaja scene

Europe is knocking on Unicaja’s door to increase the pace of matches starting this week. A continental competition in which the greens share a group in this first phase with this Hungarian rival, with the French Le Mans and with the Greek Peristeri directed by Vasilis Spanoulis.

To Europe, with a good face

After playing this Saturday against Joventut, it is now time to change the chip. The team will travel on Tuesday to Szombathely, a small town in western Hungary, next to the border with Austria and which has about 80,000 inhabitants. There he will debut in this edition of the BCL.

Endesa League 2023 – 2024: Unicaja – Joventut Gregorio Marrero

After a start to the season with lights and shadowsIbon Navarro and his boys will try to take advantage of this marathon of matches that is now ahead of them to recover their feelings and improve their game and their results.

Objective, repeat Final Four

After being one of the four teams that played in the last Final Four of this competition, Unicaja begins this edition with the hope of trying to win the title again next May. Ahead, many training sessions, many trips, many matches and a lot of work to achieve that ambitious goal.


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