Thursday, September 28, 2023

The BBC confuses Rubiales with the expert Zabaleta

He scandal rubiales has crossed the borders of Spain and is reaching a tremendous impact around the world, from the USA to the main countries of Europe. In Britain, for example, tremendous monitoring is being carried out through the country’s television and media. The fact that the leader has not yet resigned from his post is being heavily criticized in the UK.

The BBCthe main radio and television network in the country, has committed a curious slip in his coverage of the case to confusing Luis Rubiales with Pablo Zabaleta, the former Argentine soccer player who was a member of the Spanish and the Manchester City with an excellent performance in both clubs.

Three years at Espanyol

In one of the news of the English chain about the scandal a plane from the exlateral slipped in in his attendance at a FIFA congress. Zabaleta, 38, played nine seasons at Manchester City and three at West Ham, making him a well-known footballer in the country.

In it SpanishMeanwhile, he spent three courses, between 2005 and 2008, in which he won the King’s Cup of 2006 at the Bernabéu against Zaragoza, and were UEFA runner-up the following year against Sevilla in Glasgow. Zabaleta played 97 matches with Spanish. The Argentinian left football in 2020 and has played some games in the Kings League.

In the BBC archive images to talk about Rubiales, the former soccer player appears in the group draw for the Qatar-2022 World Cup. Viewers have demanded a sorry towards Zabaleta in an anecdote that could only be understood by his great physical resemblance


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