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The barons of the RFEF demand the heads of the three ‘generals’ of Rubiales: Camps, González Cueto and García Caba

Six hours of meeting went a long way. The Commission of Territorial Presidents of the RFEF asked Luis Rubiales to present his resignation, although he could not make drastic decisions this Monday, because he does not have the powers to do so. However, he did put on the table of the interim president, Pedro Rocha, a roadmap to follow in the coming days. And that happens to get four of the men closest to Luis Rubiales out of Las Rozas: Jorge VildaAndreu Camps, Tomás González Cueto and Miguel García Caba.

As EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA already recounted. of the Iberian Press Group, Jorge Vilda is practically sentenced after his applause to the suspended president in the assembly last Friday (although on Saturday he distanced himself from Rubiales) and the unanimous rejection of the world champions and more soccer players to return to the Spanish team while the Madrid coach is in charge of it. Luis de la Fuente, for now, will keep his position.

Power of the board of directors of the RFEF

The decision on him, however, is postponed until “next week”, as agreed, and the RFEF board of directors is the body responsible for adopting it. The same happens with the rest of the heads that were claimed in the Commission of Territorial Presidents, which is an “advisory and coordination body”, as stated in the RFEF Statutes.

The first named among the non-sports workers of the RFEF is its general secretary, Andreu Camps. She has been Rubiales’ most trusted person for the last five years and who last Friday sent a formal letter to the Uefa denouncing an alleged government interference in the affairs of the Federation.

During the Commission of Presidents, in fact, he was called to consultations at the last minute to demand explanations for that letter, which Rocha promised to withdraw. Camps argued before the barons that he does “what Rubiales says”since at that time he was not yet suspended for the FIFA, presenting itself in that sense as a mere executor.

Andreu Camps, the general secretary of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, RFEF. EFE

Camps did not convince the barons

His explanations did not convince the majority of presidents, who continue to consider him as the armed wing of Rubiales in the RFEF and for this reason They have asked Rocha, who is as president who holds that competence in the first person, to dismiss him. His name did not appear in the statement, in which they limited themselves to remarking “unanimously” that they have agreed to urge “the corresponding bodies for a deep and imminent organic restructuring in strategic positions of the Federation to make way for a new stage of management in Spanish football”.

The request for dismissals, however, did not end there. The other two federal executives that the barons want out of the RFEF are the director of Integrity, Miguel Garcia Caba; and the external legal adviser, Tomas Gonzalez Cueto.

The first of them is a true survivor, who He has also worked for LaLiga and for Real Madrid, and that with Rubiales he has moved from defenestration to the hard core. And that, of course, he has not said a word about the kiss not consented to Jennifer Beautiful despite being the head of integrity of the RFEF.

Garcia Caba’s recordings

Rubiales himself considered his dismissal a little over a year ago, when he held a position created ‘ad hoc’ for him, that of general deputy secretary, as Camps’ right-hand man. García Caba, however, in a move of dubious ethics, decided to meet with Javier Tebas and Pedro González Otero to extract information from them by pretending to be betraying Rubiales. Quite the contrary, he recorded the conversation (he himself confessed) and released it publicly, himself or a third party to whom he provided it.

Andreu Camps, Miguel García Caba and Tomás González Cueto. EPE

His prize was to be named, months later, RFEF Integrity Director. A department that prepared a report on the kiss to Jennifer Hermoso in which no testimonies from the player were collected and whose conclusion was that “There was no conduct that leads to the conclusion that there was force, violence or assault”as published by El Español.

With regard to Tomás González Cueto, he is an external worker of the RFEF, managing partner of GC Legal. He was the one who designed and executed the entire defense strategy for Rubiales after the publication in El Confidencial of his audio recordings and private messages, for which the suspended president is accused in a court of Majadahonda.

He was one of Rubiales’ closest advisers (always sitting to his left in assemblies) and his departure in the coming days is also taken for granted. At least, that is how the territorial presidents have demanded it from Rocha, who must now demonstrate if you are willing to break ties with your former boss and the person who handpicked you to temporarily replace him in office.


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