Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The attack punishes Trops again (23-20)

Trops Málaga fell on their visit to Burgos (23-20). The Malaga team suffered its first defeat as a visitor, the third so far this season, a result that makes it move away from the top positions in the standings, so it must win the Next Saturday in Los Olivos (6:30 p.m.) at Barça Atlètic if you don’t want to definitively drop from the top pack.

It is true that, on paper, the match against UBU San Pablo Burgos was a difficult battle to deal with because the local team came into the match strong after winning everything except the first against the leader, Caserío Ciudad Real, and undefeated. in his court.

The need for the people of Malaga to straighten the course forced Quino Soler’s team to go out to the 40×20 of El Plantío with bite. Consequently, the duel went down the path of equality, although the locals had a better start to the game. In fact, in just six minutes, Burgos was already winning 4-1. Then The Trops replica would arrive to tie (5-5).

Since then, it was the Malaga team that struck first with winger Manu Díaz and pivot Javi García, who scored everything that came his way, as top scorers. Trops had entered the game, showing confidence and attitude, after having overcome the bad start to the match.

The exchange of blows continued until End of the first partwhich was reached with the result of 11-12 for Malacitans.

After passing through the locker room, the Malaga team came out very energized. A 0-2 run, with goals from Javi García and Petter, opened the gap (11-14). The lead increased (12-15) at 34:31, but San Pablo Burgos knew how to overcome adversity and tied the score (15-15) at 38:29.

Equality was established again in the duel, although now it was the local squad that played with the score in its favor when there was no draw. Even, The Burgos team enjoyed a three-goal lead (20-17) with 13 minutes left until the conclusion. San Pablo Burgos tried to maintain this advantage, while Trops played against the flow and almost always crashed into the red defense.

Things got even more complicated with less than two minutes remaining, when the local team was winning 23-19, although a goal from Diego Pérez left the score at 23-20 and two points that remained in Burgos. in a match in which the Malacitanos competed until they were stuck for the last 25 minutes of the match, with only five goals in all this long time.


23. San Pablo Burgos: Ibrahim (p.), Chan (5), Espinosa (2), Pablo Gómez, Manterola, Jorge García, Rubén Fernández, Asensi (5), Gallardo (5), Ernesto López, Linhares (6), Jaime González, Rabhi , Martins and Pedroarena.

20. Trops Malaga: Arca, Karlov (2), Consuegra, Melgar, Soler (1), Luis Castro (1), Villarreal (p.), Petter (2), Portela, Javi García (6), Manu Díaz (4), Paya, Soriano, Diego Pérez (4), Alberto Castro and Adrián Calvo (p.).

Partials: 3-1, 5-3, 6-6, 8-8, 9-10, 11-12 (first half), 13-15, 16-15, 18-17, 20-18, 21-19, 23 -20 (final).

Referees: Pablo San Emérito de la Fuente and Javier Ariño Saiz, from the Territorial Federation of Cantabria. From Burgos they excluded Martins (2), Asensi and Pedroarena. From Trops they excluded Soriano, Luis Castro and Alberto Castro. Melgar was sent off with a blue card once the match ended.

Incidents: Match of the sixth day, played at the Municipal El Plantío de Burgos, before about 550 spectators.


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