Monday, December 11, 2023

The Apple Watch of 2024 will not bring great innovations, says Kuo

It’s hard not to feel that Apple Watch It has become a bit stagnant. The recently released Series 9 has brought some interesting features with the new SiP S9, with better performance, longer battery life and a brighter screen. However, it is not a very noticeable evolution compared to the Series 7 and 8. And, apparently, The 2024 model will not arrive with too many innovations either.

This is stated by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who in his most recent report on the Apple Watch indicated that sees a next version with “significant innovative experiences” as “unlikely”. The expert has not elaborated on the matter, but his comments are beginning to sow doubts about the hypothetical launch of an Apple Watch

According to his predictions, the Apple Watch of 2024 will not arrive with a microLED screen, an innovation that could only be seen from 2025. Although he believes that it would not be strange for Apple to postpone its introduction until 2026. Something similar would happen with the expected blood glucose meter without puncture, a feature that would not be seen in next year’s model, nor in the following generation.

As always when we talk about rumors of future Apple releases, it is important to be cautious and take the information with a grain of salt. Even so, what Ming-Chi Kuo proposes is striking because It goes against the speculation that already existed about Apple’s plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch.

Rumors and contradictions regarding future versions of the Apple Watch

As we indicated previously, Kuo’s comments about the 2024 Apple Watch generate mixed feelings around the possible launch of the Apple Watch Bloomberg.

According to the renowned journalist, Apple would celebrate the tenth anniversary of its smart watch by providing it with several innovations, both functional and design. Thus, it was mentioned that the apparent Apple Watch Specifically, with a sensor to monitor blood pressure.

The main doubt would be whether it would arrive in 2024 or 2025. Let’s keep in mind that, although Apple presented the first generation of the Apple Watch in 2014, it only came to market in 2015. Therefore, it would still be unclear what moment those from Cupertino would use to celebrate the 10 years of the device.

That said, Kuo never mentions the supposed Apple Watch Is it possible that Apple will go all out in 2025 with a redesigned and innovative version? For now, it is impossible to know. However, we will be attentive to the news.

One fact that the analyst does mention is that the commercial performance of the Apple Watch could fall considerably this year. According to his information, a 15% year-on-year drop in shipments is expectedand it is not ruled out that the trend will persist in 2024. Despite this, the expert believes that interest in the smartwatch can grow if the management of its health characteristics is integrated with the Apple Vision Pro.

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