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The Apple Vision Pro screens will not support ProMotion, but they will have a high refresh rate

Those from Cupertino presented the Apple Vision Pro in great detail, but some of the technical specifications were left pending. It is logical, since there are still a few months left for them to hit the market. However, the launch of the SDK so that developers can have their apps ready for when they are on the market, offers us some interesting details.

In this sense, it seems confirmed that the Vision Pro will arrive with a screen that will support a refresh rate of up to 100 Hz, according to the code of the latest beta version of visionOS. This refresh rate is below what Apple calls ProMotion, which goes up to 120 Hz. However, it would be one of the highest refresh rates of this type of augmented reality glasses.

In addition, the refresh rate will be dynamic. Apple has confirmed that the Vision Pro runs at a 90Hz refresh rate in general use, but at one of the WWDC developer sessions, the company revealed that it also can switch to 96Hz to support video content recorded at 24fps.

The Apple Vision Pro will offer several refresh modes

100 Hz is, in reality, a trap. Code found in the SDK confirms that Vision Pro’s actual maximum refresh rate is 100Hz, but that maximum refresh rate will only trigger for compensate for the 50 Hz flicker detected by artificial lighting.”

In any case, the Apple Vision Pro will allow you to switch between 90 Hz, 96 Hz and 100 Hz modes, but most of the time they will operate at 90 Hz. In “Travel Mode”, which is a mode that can be set when the glasses are used while traveling, such as on a flight, 90 Hz will always be the maximum that can be used, regardless of the content:

Regarding the screens themselves, it is confirmed that the Apple Vision Pro will mount two custom micro-OLED screens with a total of 23 million pixels, more than a 4K television. And for each eye. If nothing changes, they will hit the market in the first months of 2024, although the date has yet to be confirmed.

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