Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Apple Vision Pro is capable of capturing videos and photos in 3D

After the official presentation of the Apple Vision Pro At WWDC 2023, other interesting details about the company’s next great product begin to emerge; the one that could take over from the iPhone in the future. Now we also know that the external cameras and sensors, beyond reflecting the outside world onto the device’s screen, will also have another crucial function: capture photos and videos in three dimensions.

Those led by Tim Cook believe that the Apple Vision Pro may be a team capable of store memories in the most faithful way to how they happened. Therefore, 3D is the best solution to achieve it.

We must remember that the Apple Vision Pro integrates multiple outdoor sensors to collect environmental data quite accurately. The ultimate goal? Create a depth map. Thanks to this technology, the user will be able to capture photos and videos in 3D.

Imagine the following scenario. You are at a birthday party, and the celebrant is about to blow out the candles on the cake. With Apple Vision Pro you could start recording the scene from a certain location and then move to another to get another angle of the moment.

Ok, you can already do that with your smartphone, right? The difference is that Apple Vision Pro will take a 3D capture of the environment and then, at a later date, you can relive that moment by moving freely around the birthday scene—from the very moment. headsetof course-.

Apple’s idea is that viewing photos and videos on the Apple Vision Pro becomes a immersive and never before seen experience; at least not in their other products…

Apple describes this proposal as “Space Videos and Images”as collected in mac rumors. They are so important that the Apple Vision Pro has a dedicated button at the top left to start capturing content of this type.

On the other hand, when a capture is in progress, the outer screen of Apple Vision Pro will show a special animation so that the people around you know what you are doing. Consequently, there will be no way for the user to secretly start a recording or take photos, as this would violate the privacy of others.

On paper, this feature of the Apple Vision Pro promises a lot. For better or worse, it brings us ever closer to what we can read about in science fiction novels.

Obviously, at the moment they are mere descriptions of characteristics, so we will have to be patient and wait until we have the device in our head to draw conclusions. If no unexpected obstacle arises, Apple’s mixed reality headset will be available early next year for $3,500.

Without a doubt, it is a product that will not be within the reach of all pockets. If we listen to recent reports, the Apple Vision Pro is just the first step in a complex strategy that contemplates the launch of similar, but more affordable devices in the coming years.

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