Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Apple Glass will have a screen never seen in an Apple device

There are days left until WWDC 2023 begins, the Apple developer conference that this year will stand out, according to rumors, for the announcement of the company’s virtual and augmented reality glasses, also known as apple glass. These have been leaking for months now, and as the release nears we continue to learn more and more details. The last? Information on the panels that will include the aforementioned viewer; probably one of the best screens that Apple has ever included in its devices.

The information comes from Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) and who often leaks relevant details about upcoming Apple products with a high hit rate. The executive, specifically, affirms that the Apple Glass will have two micro OLED panelstechnology also present in the MacBook Pro launched from 2021 and that stands out for its efficiency, since a large part of the blacks that the screen reproduces are off pixels.

Each screen will also have a 1.41-inch diagonal; large enough to see clearly in each eye.

The most interesting thing, yes, is in the amazing density of pixels per inch: will reach 4000 in each eye. Each panel will also have a 5000 nits peak brightness. Young claims in another tweet that this means that each screen will have a 4K resolution.

Apple Glass will have the best screen of any other VR headset

The data that Young offers are, without a doubt, impressive; never before seen in a virtual or augmented reality headset. For comparison, the Meta Quest Pro features an LCD panel with a resolution of 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye. The quest 2Instead, they have a brightness of just 100 nits and a pixel density per inch of 773.

We must take into account, yes, that the Apple Glass would have a considerably higher price than the Meta Quest Pro. The viewer from the Cupertino company is expected to go on sale for about 3,000 dollars.

The Apple Glass will also have other impressive specifications, such as a chip similar to Apple’s M2, a processor dedicated to sensors or a removable battery similar to the MagSafe battery. They will be announced, we reiterate, during WWDC 2023.

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