Monday, December 11, 2023

The Antequera Dólmenes tie in the last seconds against the leader Guadalajara (25-25)

This Saturday, November 18, the Dólmenes Antequera Handball Club managed to score a point against the leader, Guadalajara Handball, who had not given anything up until now. The Antequerans exhibited an exercise of faith on the court, they did not give up even though they were five down in the second half. Finally, he managed to scratch a point in the final seconds.

The match was constantly equal, the first half was a textbook exchange of blows. Guadalajara took a wide lead with Denys Barrios (6 goals) very successful from the outside shot, Lombardi (5 goals) and Chiuffa (7 goals) also did damage from the extremes. However the Dólmenes recovered with Molina, Morales and Ruiz especially successful, and managed to go only one down at halftime, 14-15.

Second half

After passing through the locker room, Nacho del Castillo confirmed the tie again at 16-16, but it was precisely from there that the local scoring drought began with Santamaría, the Alcarreño goalkeeper, very inspired between the sticks. The visitors opened the gap again up to 16-21 in the 45th minute. From there, the local coach, Chispi put into play an endless number of alternatives to turn the game around: intense defense and bite in attack.

Last minute, defense 4:2 and Oso saves Barrios’ shot. The local attack ends in the Moriles pivotJota Abad, who culminated with the goal that tied the scoreboard25-25, to the joy of Argüelles.

The young Edu Escobedo stood out on both sides and finished with 5 goals. The Antequera Dólmenes knew how to move wonderfully, also encouraged by Argüelles who sang and encouraged non-stop. Oso Mendieta led the comeback from the goal, which was supported by his teammates in front of the rival goal.

Next appointment for those from Chispi at Oviedo’s home on Saturday, November 25 from 6:30 p.m.


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