Oscar-winning producer James Cameron is ready again after 12 years with a sequel to the science fiction film Avatar. Yes, the second part of the 2009 3D film Avatar will be released in December. From the fans to its star cast are also excited about the film. Recently a press conference was held regarding the cast of the film. Where actress Zoe Saldana told that she had received a confirmation call for this role in such a strange situation. The situation was so funny that everyone kept laughing.

The actress was cleaning the child’s potty
Every time the film is made, such memories are created, which you later laugh thinking after thinking. At the same time, sometimes you get the greatest happiness when you are in a very different situation. Something similar happened with the actress of the film Avatar, Joe Saldana. She still laughs remembering this story. Saldana told that when she got a call for role confirmation for the film, she was in a very strange situation. She was changing her niece’s nappy.


During the press conference, Joe Saldana told that I cannot forget the moment when I got a call from Avatar’s team. Joe said- I remember when Jim called me and told that I have been selected for Neitri. “Jim had said that – I want you to play the role of Neytri. It was like…let me tell you, at that time I was changing my niece’s diaper. And really let me also tell that I had never enjoyed changing diapers so much before. I was on the phone with Jim and I was changing diapers. I was laughing.”

Joe shares his feelings

Even while sharing this anecdote, Saldana laughed out loud. After this Saldana thanked the entire team and said that – “I was going to work with my idols. I was going to work with him who is the creator of Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley. And then it felt like, I’m going to get work. This character has arrows, she knows martial arts. She can do this, she can do it too. She can even climb trees. All this excitement was going on inside me. Such excitement as when a child goes to school for the first time. I was feeling as if the camera was following me.


Joe Saldana, while sharing his feelings further, said that- I had thought that if I would do all these things. If I take it seriously, I will be a part of a film which is beyond everyone’s expectation. Which has a history in itself. And it has really been a magical journey for me.

The sequel to Avatar, The Way of Water, will be released in December this year. The film is directed by James Cameron. If you do not know, then let us tell you that Avatar had broken many world wide records in 2009. The film was released in 3D, and has now been converted to 4K HD definition.