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“The achievements could be multiplied if there was more support from the areas involved”: Alejandra Orozco

The aquatic disciplines in Mexico have been in constant controversy due to the problems they have with government agencies, affecting the athletes who come out to represent the country and leaving in them a feeling of uncertainty about the current management.

Given this, the double Olympic medalist, Alejandra Orozco, talked with Publisport about the issue and how it would work better if there was more support. For now, the mexican is focused on the immediate future after having achieved a place for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Alejandra Orozco

— I am happy and glad to have returned to the international stage after two years of not being at that competitive pace due to situations beyond our control, the issue of injuries, surgeries, but the be backhe Knowing that we are in the fight makes me feel good.

We went without expectations but we realized that we are in the game and that, although the powers have been with a more competitive rhythm, we too We show what the Mexican has, that perseverance, resilience and strength to do things well.

– Fair We are waiting to find out what the criteria for the places will be like, six places out of the 12 possible were wonthere are still two other filters that we must pass to complete and that Mexico go with full delegation like it was historically made in Tokyo.

Some processes come and It is important to follow up the athletes and give the most complete criteria in order to make better planning, better projection and a better approach towards important competition, since all divers want to arrive and play a good role to represent Mexico and bring medals but a stronger path is needed to be able to do it.

This path has always been a bit turbulent and now with everything that is happening I think that clarity would be a plusbut we know that it is not in our hands and we must focus on what we can control, which is training.

— In the end, due to the situation beyond our control and the snowball that affected the athletes of aquatic disciplines, sí had a cut in support for travel, sports scholarships and coaches’ salaries, these are resources that are needed to compete, travel and live. We seek to adapt and don’t give up the dream and target that was Fukuokaso we did not stay with our arms crossed and decided to look for alternatives, knocking on the doors of people who want to join our dream to trust our path and our process.

It is a very beautiful moment that is lived towards some Olympic Games and it is a very cool emotion to be able to share how to build a medal. There were many people who joined and who believed; brands and sponsorships that have been before, during and continue to trust. A support network was made with interested people and they were important to be able to travel to the world championship. Yes, there were doubts on one side, on the other, but in the end everything could be completed and we went with the full team, something that filled us with peace of mind. A great job was done despite the situation.

— I feel that in the end the athlete comes out ahead, no matter what. If something characterizes the Mexican athlete, it is this essence of perseverance, resilience, dreaming big, and I believe that this could be multiplied if there were more support and unity from the areas involved.

Of course he athlete competes, but has a team of trainers, a multidisciplinary team and an institutional teamHe, who by being all hand in hand, can get a good jobgreat projections, good approaches, but everyone has to do their part. I think that each one should respond on their side and we focus on ours. There are things that are not in our hands, so we focus on getting on the platform and getting what has to be achieved.


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