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The accounts of the relegation in the last day of LaLiga: who is going to go down to Second?

LaLiga disputes this weekend its last day in First division. He will do it this Sunday with two things at stake: who accompanies Espanyol and Elche to Second Division and who gets the seventh place that grants a ticket to the Conference League. The first fight will be resolved on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. and the second of them will do so two and a half hours before, at 6:30 p.m.

Cádiz (41 points), Getafe (41), Valencia (41), Almería (40), Celta (40) and Valladolid (39) They will fight to avoid that last place that is free to accompany Espanyol and Elche to Second. The peculiarity of such a convoluted situation is that the six teams depend on themselves: if they win, they will be saved.

Five games will define the future of these teams. The direct Valladolid-Getafe, in addition to Espanyol-Almería, Celta-Barcelona, ​​Elche-Cádiz and Betis-Valencia. The calculators will smoke, because the options are very numerous, with multiple possibilities of triples and even quadruple draws. These are the permanence options of the six teams involved.

The Cádiz players celebrate their victory in the league match against Celta. EFE

Cádiz descends if…

The team coached by Sergio González is one of the easiest to continue for another year in the First Division. If he draws or wins in Elche, he will have it done. And if he loses, he would only go down if Valladolid, Almería, Celta and Valencia won their games. These results would cause a tie to 41 points between Cádiz and Getafe that would benefit the azulones.

Jaime Mata (Getafe) celebrates his goal against Osasuna. EFE

Getafe relegated if…

A draw at José Zorrilla would be enough for José Bordalás’ men to continue in First… and incidentally to condemn his rival to relegation. If they lose against Valladolid, the way is open for them to end up descending. In this scenario, he has multiple options to go down, since only the average goal beats Celta. If the Galicians win, it would only save them if Espanyol defeated Almería.

Valencia drew with Espanyol on the penultimate day. EFE

Valencia descends if…

Its situation is very similar to that of Cádiz. Rubén Baraja’s men will be saved if they win or draw at Villamarín. In fact, it is worth it for Cádiz to score in Elche to seal their permanence, even if they lose. Now, there are two combinations that would condemn Valencia. The joint victories of Celta, Elche, Almería and Valladolid, together with their own defeat, would have that consequence. If Almería draw against Espanyol instead of winning, the outcome would be the same.

The Brazilian forward of UD Almería, Dyego Sousa (d) and the midfielder of Valladolid Roque Mesa. EFE

Almería is relegated if…

Like everyone, he depends on himself, in his case visiting a mourning Espanyol. If he wins or draws, he will be in Primera for one more season. In the event of a defeat at Cornellà, they would end up in the Second Division if Valladolid and Celta won their matches; if only the Vigos and the Pucelanos tie; and also if both tie their matches.

The Celta de Vigo players lament after their defeat in Cádiz. EFE

Celta is relegated if…

His only guarantee of salvation is to beat Barcelona at the end of the course in Balaídos. In case of defeat, a victory for Valladolid would take them to Second. Losing, it would also go down if that game ends in a draw and Espanyol beats Almería. If Celta draw, they also have relegation options, since almost all draws hurt them.

Valladolid players celebrate a goal. EFE

Valladolid descends if…

If they lose against Getafe, they will play in Second Division next year, since the day begins in relegation. If you win, you will be saved. AND if they tie, they will need Espanyol to beat Almería to propitiate a draw on points that favors him. Celta’s defeat against Barça would not be enough for him, since he has lost the average goal against the Galicians.


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