Friday, December 8, 2023

The 5 news that will change WhatsApp forever and that will arrive soon

WhatsApp is constantly evolving. Despite its several shortcomings as a messaging service, including options like scheduling messages, Meta has been plugging its leaks little by little. Today, the app has become much more complete, and according to the information revealed by WABetaInfo, This will only improve in future updates.

The latest reports of WABetaInfo reveal several functions that will soon arrive in the instant messaging app. Some of them to improve user privacy, while others copy features from their competitors to turn WhatsApp into a more complete app.

WhatsApp stickers generated by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has managed to sneak into all areas. Very soon it will also do so on WhatsApp. However, instead of becoming a Bard-style chatbot, you will allow you to generate stickers to share with your friends. Although it may seem absurd, the truth is that Meta has already started testing the function on Facebook Messenger, and the results are interesting and fun (although with low levels of control and censorship).

This function was discovered by the aforementioned media in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, number It was at this moment when Meta gave some users the possibility of generating stickers through artificial intelligence, with a more than surprising result. For it, It’s as easy as pressing the button Create in the stickers menu and then write what you want to produce.

Usernames on WhatsApp to hide your phone number

Usernames for WhatsApp

One of the big disadvantages of WhatsApp compared to other competitors is the compromise of your privacy. After all, If you want to talk to someone through the service, you will need to give them your phone number. However, in iOS beta version, WABetaInfo has discovered a usernames feature.

This feature has been rumored for a long time, and was spotted in the Android version of the app a few months ago. However, it seems that it is closer to arriving, and that is Some users can now choose their usernames in Apple’s mobile operating system.

Of course, the function will be optional. Once your user is created, you can choose to hide your number from new contacts. The only way for these people to have access to it will be if they have already scheduled you beforehand.

Featured messages with expiration date

If you’ve been in a group as an administrator or participant, you know that you can star messages so that all users have easy access to them. Whether it’s the rules of the community you’re in, or important information that everyone should know, these messages can stay at the top of the conversation indefinitely.

Now, in beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the company launches a new function. These are the highlights with an expiration date. This way, you can place a message at the top, and decide if you want it to stay for one day, seven days, or a month.

An improved search bar

The WhatsApp search bar leaves a lot to be desired. Although it allows us to find contacts and messages quickly, has left other functions out, such as States and Channels. Now, according to the report from the aforementioned source, version of the Android app seems to improve this section.


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