Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The 40% increase in the value of the Copa del Rey or why it does not depend on a Real Madrid – Barcelona

This format of Copa del Rey It is a story of heroes, of little ones against big ones. Is the Cup of surprises, extensions and penalties. It is a professional tournament that aims to return to the most modest football all its work and importance for national football. This humble football is the basis for success so that, for example, in Mexico and South America, in the next five seasons (2022-27), 42% more will be collected on average compared to the previous cycle. Also so that in the United States and Canada the growth has been 27% and in Brazil the fever for this renewed competition has caused 382% more to enter.

In Europe, despite the competition that exists for its own competitions, growth is on average 25% for the aforementioned next cycle (2022-25), thus, the Copa del Rey would be worth more than 40% compared to the previous cycle (2018-21). As for countries, the following stand out: France (41%); Bulgarian (55%); Poland (270%), the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (43%); Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (525%); o Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo (127%). An economic impulse that does nothing but reinforce this commitment to modest football from the Spanish Federation.


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