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The 1995 Barça-Unicaja final, a debate with the protagonists

Unicaja returns to review next Monday one of the most important events in its history. On the occasion of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Los Guindos club, the fans will be able to witness in the Economic Society Friends of the Country, in the Plaza de la Constitución, a new round table on one of the greatest feats of basketball in Malaga: the final between Unicaja and Barça in 1995 under the title «1994-95: The unexpected ending» with four of its protagonists starting at 7:30 p.m.

Alfonso Reyes, Curro Ávalos, Dani Romero and Manolo Rubiawith the moderation of the journalist Justo Rodríguez, will review that event they experienced against Barça de Aíto García Reneses in what was the third season of Club Baloncesto Málaga in the ACB after the merger of Caja de Ronda and Mayoral Maristas. Together they will comment on what the intensity of that confrontation meant for the players and for the compositor entity itself, the tension that was experienced throughout the series, the victory at the Palau and also the impact and learning that it implied for future experiences, as well as as the irruption of the team in the highest level of national basketball.

However, a large area of ​​the round table will be devoted to the not triple by Mike Ansley that could have given Unicaja its first league title. Alfonso Reyes, Curro Ávalos, Dani Romero and Manolo Rubia, players and delegate of that team, already commented in the 30th anniversary documentary on their experiences in that intense day that ended with the trophy in Barcelona. However, now they will have a new opportunity to chat at length about that moment that will remain in their memory.

This is the second talk organized by Unicaja to review the birth and the different stages that the club has experienced throughout its history. On December 29, Rafa Vecina, Mario Pesquera, Nacho Rodríguez and Pedro Ramírez met to talk about the rivalry between Caja de Ronda and Mayoral Maristas, the two teams that gave rise to the current Unicaja.

What’s more, you can already listen to the first episode in podcast format on both Spotify and iVoxx applications with the title «Unions that add up, 30 years CBM: The rivalry Caja de Ronda and Mayoral Maristas».


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