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That’s how it is and that’s how Telekom Bonn plays: A rival with little name, but with a lot of danger

Unicaja will play this Friday against Telekom Bonn one of the semifinals of the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League. The current leader of the German league is a team with much more danger than name.

The squad is led by its base TJ Shortsalthough his technical Tuomas Iisalo He has a squad at his command with many versatile players capable of playing in various positions and causing a lot of problems for opposing defenses.

Angel Sanchez-Cañete and Alberto Miranda, assistant technicians Ibón Navarro, They defined the German team as a team with «a rather aggressive defensive system when it comes to attacking the ball outside so that it doesn’t reach inside and then they help each other a lot and have a lot of activity. They do an excellent job defensively and build from there, even after receiving a basket they are able to score. In case of not being able to run, they come attacking, they do not stop, on the track no player rests.

These are the main players of Unicaja’s rival in this continental event:

TJ Shorts Base

He is your fundamental player. In attack it gives them a different potential. It’s very fast. Left handed. Small, below 1.80. He scores easily and assists. He averages about 7 assists per game. He generates a lot for the team, especially for the greats who block him. Very explosive. Very good penetrator. Specialist to counterattack. Great midrange shot, almost always using his left hand. His last resort is the 3 shot. He doesn’t use it much, although he can score.

Sebastián Herrera Base-escort

He’s basically a shooter. It is not complicated in his game. Good 3-point percentages, especially when he’s stopped: he receives and shoots. Even on a blocking start, after dribbling, he can shoot too. But his forte is receiving and shooting. He takes advantages that Shorts creates. As a backup point guard, he just picks up the ball and passes it. Good defender. He plays “1”, but he is not a pure point guard.

Karsten Tadda Escort

Your purest escort. Very veteran player. He is always in the line of 3 waiting to receive and throw. He has a lot of experience. Team player. He has already played against Unicaja when he was a Brose player.

Jeremy Morgan Small forward

He had not played since December due to a serious injury. He is a great scorer. Very good three-point shooter in all kinds of situations. Very fast to arm the arm and launch. He’s out of shape from that extended layoff. He is out of rhythm. We don’t know if he will be able to play many minutes, but it is true that before his injury he was the team’s top scorer.

Tyson Ward Forward

Quite important, especially defensively. Many times he defends the opposing point guard. He has a lot of wingspan. In the last games he is scoring with good percentages of 3, but it is not his forte. The best is his game without the ball, his cuts, rebounding and completing counterattacks. He is capable of playing three different positions: shooting guard, forward and power forward.

Javontae Hawkins Forward

He already played against Unicaja this season when he was in Limoges. He has returned to Bonn, one of his former teams. Player with the ability to score, with a good rebound, more of a penetrator than a shooter. Very aggressive to score on penetrations. Good low post player. He takes advantage of his body to score near the basket. The least defensive of his versatile players from 3 and 4.


Telekom Bonn, rival of Unicaja, arrives in Malaga
Alex Zea

Collin Malcolm Small Forward and Power Forward

He can play small forward and power forward. Another versatile player from the Bonn squad. He can raise the ball. Very active in the offensive rebound. He is a player who is clearly outside, who attacks from the outside in, but with an irregular shot. Very fast to cut and penetrate. interesting player.

Finn Delany Power Forward

Shooting capacity of 3, versatile. Generate from outside. He threatens with his shot, but where he is best is attacking the interiors from the outside to the inside. Very active, lots of energy. Sometimes he is loaded with fouls due to his type of game. He can play power forward or power forward.

Deane Williams Power Forward

He is a pure power forward, although occasionally they can place him as an open center. He’s usually outside, ready to shoot and from there he’ll attack or shoot if they give him room. He is very athletic.

Leon Kratzer Center

The purest pivot on the team. Player with a tremendous physique. Very stout. Great offensive rebounder. He takes up a lot of space in the zone. Player to block and continue. He takes advantage of the blocks he puts on Shorts to continue and receive. Player with little shooting range, very inside. Bad free throw shooter. A “bug” physically.

Michael Kessens Center

The substitute pivot. Very long, more mobile than Kratzer. He plays a lot like his position partners. He can occasionally attack centers from the outside, but it’s not his main weapon. Another one that blocks and continues.


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