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That’s how it is and that’s how Galatasaray Nef plays, Unicaja’s rival this week in the BCL

He Galatasaray of istanbula historic European basketball team, visits this Tuesday the Martin Carpena Palace to measure forces with Unicaja in what will be the third day of the Round of 16 of the Basketball Champions League.

Things are not going well for the team trained by Andreas Pistioliswhich since the start of 2023 has only won one game out of the nine that it has played between BCL and turkish league In Europe, they are 1-1 in the standings of this group, so they have to win in Malaga to maintain their chances of going to the quarterfinals, since a defeat would leave them far behind their own. Unicaja and behind the AEK (2-1), whom they have to visit in Athens.

He Galatasaraywhich has many familiar faces from the ACB, It is a team with a short rotation, in which its three little ones, Russell, Ennis and McGee, are the ones who carry the scoring weight of the team. These are the players Galatasaray 2022/2023, rival this week for Double match of the Unicaja: Tuesday, in Malaga, and Thursday, in istanbul.

Daron Russell | Base

Player arrived a few weeks ago to replace the loss of Dee Bost, signed by Villeurbanne. His starting base. Very fast. Speed ​​is one of his main characteristics. He shoots a lot from 3, he is shooting seven triples per game, but with irregular percentages. He sometimes abuses that 6.75 shot a bit. He penetrates with his left hand, it generates a lot of advantages because of his speed. He plays almost 30 minutes per game and is a very important player in his schemes.

Dylan Ennis | Shooting guard

Your reference escort. A player who accumulates many shots in the Galatasaray attack, both 2 and 3 points. Known by all for his time in the Endesa League. He likes to shoot from far away if he has space. A great scorer. Good penetrator with the right hand taking advantage of his physique. He is a player capable of taking very important scoring streaks. Impulsive player, which sometimes causes him to make bad decisions. Important player in his counterattack.

Tyrus McGee | Shooting guard

This Galatasaray squad does not have a second baseman as such, so it is McGee who, although he is not a point guard, rotates Russell for those few minutes he rests and also Ennis. In other words, he acts both as a base and as a substitute escort. Player with a very similar playing style to Ennis. Aggressive with the right hand, scorer. When he was in Burgos he was a strong guard, with a good physique that allowed him to defend forwards. Here, in Galatasaray, his role is also a shooter, he can shoot 6 triples per game. He is smart playing to read the opponent’s defense: if they give him space, he gets up and shoots it; and if they press him, he penetrates.

Goksenin Koksal | Eaves

Team Captain. Veteran. Very “special” player. With a bit of a “cheeky” attitude at times. Sometimes he allows himself the luxury of not going down to defend. He takes a lot of 3-point shots from the corner, goes well on the offensive rebound, punctually goes to the low post, although with the aim of passing the ball. wide body

Muhaymin Mustafa | Eaves

The backup forward. Player with an eminently defensive profile. He plays a few minutes. He has a good physique, so he provides rebounds, also attacking, coming from outside. Offensively, he takes advantage of assists to penetrate and go aggressively to the basket, although he does not have much prominence in the attacking game. He is not a shooter at all.

Angelo Coloiaro | power forward

The most important “4”. Also with a past in the Endesa League. He can occasionally play small forward. A very aggressive power forward in offensive rebounding, which is his main characteristic. Very versatile player. Good shooting percentages of 3, but because he doesn’t lavish much and shoots when he has to. He needs his time to put the arm together. Good game without the ball: blocking, playing along the baseline… Very skillful in penetrating. Good performance in the low post. Very versatile, he does many things and is very important for this Galatasaray. He is another one who will be on the track for 30 or more minutes.

Sadik Emir Kabaca | power forward

One of its most important Turkish players. Very mobile, he can play power forward and center. He has a lot of offensive talent. He has the ability to shoot three points. When he plays as a center, he takes the opportunity to open up the field a lot and threaten from the 6.75 line. He is not a low post player, he is more of penetrating, blocking and continuing. Good offensive rebounder because he has a good size. Another important Galatasaray player for alternating two positions on the court.

Jehive Floyd | center

It does not play the Turkish league. He only plays the Basketball Champions League. Very physical player, rebounding, blocking and continuing. He has Euroleague experience. He is dedicated to blocking so that the little ones can play their game. His baskets are always close to the rim, blocking and continuing.

Dusan Ristic | center

We know him from Fuenlabrada. It arrived a few months ago, with the season started. Great and eminently offensive player. Slow and soft in defense, but fast and mobile in attack. Excellent ability to pull 3 if he has time. Many points in the hands facing the hoop, with his back it is true that it costs him more. He doesn’t like melee. Good rebounder, especially on defense.

Mahir Agva | center

Rotation Turkish player. He plays more in the Turkish league than in the BCL. He can have his 7-8 minutes. A “woodcutter”, a warrior, to block the little ones and continue. Very internal player, without external threat.


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