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Thank You For Coming Review: Fantasy… Intimacy… Talk of orgasm, but will give you headache.

The sex comedy genre has always been unexplored for Bollywood. However, those who have made films in the name of this genre have also served the film at a superficial level. Well, Rhea Kapoor also thought of making a film on this genre and decided to show it from a different perspective. Apart from the sex comedies that usually objectify girls, this film of Riya talks about women’s orgasm.


There is a very famous saying among girls in old stories that you have to kiss many frogs before you meet your real prince. Delhi’s Kanika Kapoor is also looking for her prince, who is not only romantic but can give her the pleasure in bed of which she has been deprived. Actually, on her thirtieth birthday, Kanika confronts her best friends that she has never had an orgasm. Meanwhile, Kanika tries unsuccessfully to find love and orgasm with a boyfriend her age as well as a 60-year-old professor. However, when Kanika decides to get married after coming out of her romantic world, then on the night of her engagement too, an over-drunk Kanika has sex with someone else, in which she was able to reach pleasure for the first time. Drunk Kanika did not know whose hand was behind her happiness, the essence of the story of this film lies in her search.

Karan Boolani has undoubtedly highlighted an excellent subject through this film, but his vision of the story does not make sense at all. Due to lack of clarity, the story seems complicated from the first half itself. During the trailer release, the way women’s orgasm, their freedom and choices were discussed, the expectations of a bold film with an excellent story were raised, but within fifteen minutes of the start of the film, you can understand the gist of the story till the climax. Keep trying to find it. Till the first half it is not understood what is Kanika’s problem? Is she looking for an orgasm or does she long for Veer Pratap Singh, the hero of her stories? The second draw back of this film is the absurd dialogues spoken in films without any reason. If you become Savitri, you are bored, if you become Savitri, you are a whore, love like Veer Zara and shower like Sunny Leone… meaning that neither of them could understand each other. On the contrary, they seem to help in making a sensitive topic more vulgar. Overall the film seems completely directionless. The film gives a perfect example of how a good subject can be ruined.

Bhumi Pednekar is a great actress. She has played many memorable characters in her career, but in this film Bhumi looks very misfit. Especially while speaking dialogues, Bhumi’s overacting is clearly visible on the screen. Shehnaaz is seen on screen only four times as Rushi Kalra. The way Kusha Kapila took part in the promotion, she was seen less in the film than in the promotion. There was nothing special for him to do in the film. The work of Dolly Singh and Shibani Bedi was excellent. Both of them have performed their work with ease. Sushant Divgikar’s track was the only interesting point in this film and Sushant’s work was good. The presence of Natasha Rastogi and Dolly Ahluwalia adds freshness to the film.

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