Thursday, March 30, 2023

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Mexico will be the world’s largest electric car factory

Although the Mexican government had already made the construction of a Tesla plant in Nuevo León official, Elon Musk was not going to miss the opportunity to make his own announcement. The CEO of the electric car took advantage of Investor Day to announce the first Gigafactory in Latin America, also advancing some additional details.

First, Elon Musk commented that the Tesla Gigafactory will be located in an area near Monterrey. The government of Nuevo León has already specified that it will take place in the municipality of Santa Catarina. On the other hand, it is known that once the plant starts operating, will be in charge of producing a new generation vehicle. However, they did not delve into this topic.

Elon Musk was very clear when he mentioned that Tesla will not transfer part of the operation of other factories to the Gigafactory in Mexico. In fact, he stated that his intention is not only to build another plant, but also to expand the operation in the other four (Nevada, Texas, Berlin and Shanghai).

In the government of Mexico they also dedicated words to such an important announcement. Martha Delgadoundersecretary of foreign relations, assured that The Gigafactory in Mexico will be the largest electric car factory in the world.

It is also guaranteed investment close to 5,000 million dollarswhich makes Tesla one of the automakers that has initially invested the most in Mexico.

“We are very happy, because we did it. We brought to Mexico an investment of more or less 5 billion dollars for the installation of the largest electric vehicle plant in the world.”

Martha Delgado.

In terms of job opportunity, there is also excellent news for the northern region. The Tesla factory will generate approximately 6,000 jobs.

Obviously, another character from Mexican politics who celebrated the arrival of the Tesla plant in Mexico was samuel garcia, Governor of Nuevo Leon. It was he and his cabinet who dedicated the most efforts to achieve the agreement. It is mentioned that the negotiation lasted 14 months.

«The richest man in the world trusted Nuevo León, Mexico, for his new Gigafactory and his next-generation vehicle. The future is bright. Thank you Elon Musk, thank you Tesla,” Garcia commented through his Twitter account.

Finally, the Mexican authorities mentioned that Tesla intends to make further investments within Mexico. What exactly do they mean? Well, everything points to one battery factory.

“We also talked about other options… from Hidalgo for a possible battery plant, because the Nuevo León thing is closely linked to a battery plant that Tesla has in Austin, Texas,” commented Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, adding : «I clarified that lithium has already been nationalized, but that does not mean that we can agree. Lithium belongs to the Mexicans, but if the raw material is bought, if the battery plants are put here, if the Mexicans are given work, we would agree.”

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