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Tesla presents the new Model 3 Highland: a significant leap in autonomy, a renewed interior and more

The new Tesla Model 3 Highland it’s official. After weeks full of leaks, rumors and speculation, the American brand has revealed it quietly, without an event in between. It has simply updated the official website of the company in Europe showing all the details of the new version.

Among the main novelties of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland – which coincides with the previously leaked images – we find some new headlights. Both the front and rear ones have been redesigned to give it a more avant-garde aesthetic and, in the case of the front ones, aesthetically aligned with the immediately superior models.

also welcomes a new range of colors. The multi-layer pearl white remains as the free option, the black color becomes paid and the blue color remains intact compared to the previous generation. However, now a new gray color is offered – darker than the previous one – and a red called “Ultra Red”.

The new Model 3 Highland also arrives with two new tires. The default are the Photon, which have a size of 18 inches and have been designed to maximize the autonomy of the vehicle. However, you can also pay an extra 1,600 euros in exchange for the 19-inch Nova.

Only two versions, both with more autonomy

The new Tesla Model 3 Highland, on the other hand, is available in two versions, at least for now: standard and Long Range. In this generation, therefore, the variant disappears performance which was offered up to now.

Both versions have taken a significant step forward in terms of autonomy. Depending on the selected tires, the figures are as follows:

Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3 Great Autonomy
18″ Photon wheels554678
19″ Nova wheels513629

The standard Model 3 of the previous generation, to establish a reference, approved about 490 km with 18″ wheels. The improvement, therefore, is about 60 km. An advance that is also repeated in the Long Range model , which is close to 700 km – being the Tesla with the most autonomy available at this time.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

This improvement in autonomy is possible thanks to the reduction in the aerodynamic coefficient of the car, which has gone from 0.225 to 0.219. This makes Model 3 Highland more efficient while on the move, consuming less power and therefore extending its range.

It is possible that Tesla has mounted new batteries in this Model 3 Highland. In the weeks prior to the announcement, various sources assured that this would be the case. However, the brand has not confirmed this fact at any time.

What Tesla has confirmed is the maximum charging speed of both models, which remains intact compared to the previous generation. That is to say: the standard Tesla Model 3 will reach peaks of 170 kW in direct current, while the Long Autonomy version will reach up to 250 kW.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla Model 3 Highland: changes in the interior

Inside the new Tesla Model 3 Highland we also find multiple changes. The first of them is the disappearance of the gear levers and indicators, which are now integrated into the steering wheel and the main screen, as in the Model S and Model X. Of course: in this case, it is not just a Yoke steering wheel, but a round one. This new steering wheel also moves the horn to the center, a more natural location than the haptic button on Model S and Model X.

the main screen has not changed in dimensions or position. Likewise, the brand has not incorporated a speedometer behind the wheel either, as some people expected it to happen in this review. What has changed are the materials on the dashboard, where the strip of wood disappears in favor of a more sober finish.

In the back, Tesla has incorporated a new 8-inch screen that allows passengers to entertain themselves or control the climate system, among other things. The same as we find in the current Model X and Model S.

The brand, on the other hand, has implemented a customizable ambient lighting system, which will be especially useful when driving in the dark. It is, yes, a fairly minimalist system. It is simply a line of lights that starts at the rear doors, continues at the front doors and continues towards the bottom of the dashboard.

The cabin is also more silence thanks to the different aerodynamic improvements, the use of new materials and the evolution of the construction process. In some scenarios, the improvement is up to 30%, according to the brand itself.

Finally, the Model 3 Highland incorporates improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a more advanced microphone system, a 17-piece sound system (3 more than before), front seats that are now also ventilated and a trunk that It grows in size up to 594 litres.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

New Tesla Model 3 Highland: prices and delivery dates

The new Tesla Model 3 Highland can be reserved from the official Tesla website from today. Prices, as expected, have not gone up with this new version. The standard variant is sold for 39,990 euros in Spain, while the Great Autonomy raises that figure to 49,990 euros. Both can also benefit from the various aids for the purchase of electric cars (such as personal income tax relief or the Moves Plan).

Deliveries, for the moment, They are dated for the months of October and Novemberalthough these may vary as orders are registered in the Tesla system over the next few days.


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