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Tesla prepares its arrival in Chile: this is all we know

Tesla prepares its official arrival in Chile. It would be the second country in Latin America where official operations would begin, after Mexico and the first in South America. The American company has opened several job vacancies: a general director and sales advisors, known in the company as sales advisors, who are present in the official stores. Both can be found on the LinkedIn profile.

The general director would be responsible for launching the company in Chile. “Tesla is looking for a country manager to assist the market launch. “You will be our brand ambassador and will have a key role in developing our corporate brand and accelerating the transition to sustainable energy,” the offer explains.

The job offer specifies that it is looking for “a person capable of creating a customer base, hiring and training a new team capable of experimenting and innovating to deliver results, assisting in real estate strategies for store openings, after-sales service and delivery of vehicles”. Tesla also expects country manager Chilean “an active participation in the design of the supercharging network in the country and a deep knowledge of local regulation to maximize local incentives and promote the adoption of electric cars.”

The position requires “a person oriented to work with clear results and demonstrable success in the development of successful businesses in Chile.” Furthermore, he explains that, although having previous experience in the automotive sector is important, it is not mandatory.

As for sales advisors, they are looking for motivated, organized, flexible and entrepreneurial people who would report to another position within the Tesla organization in Chile: a future sales director. The sales advisors They would be in charge of growing sales of the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y, anticipating that the company’s four cars would be sold in the South American country.

Why does Tesla choose Chile for its arrival in South America?

tesla, unlike other automotive companies, controls the entire value chain of its products. That is, it does not work with dealerships or third-party workshops, with the exception of bodywork and paint repairs. The stores and after-sales service—known as Service Centers— are 100% of the company. Additionally, they deploy their own supercharging network to travel long distances in a region.

Therefore, for Tesla to operate in a country it not only imports the cars, it must also set up its service centers, official sales stores and its own charging network. The company carries out all this titanic effort in countries where there is interesting purchasing power for the sale of vehicles. In South America that country is, without a doubt, Chile.

In addition, Tesla would begin manufacturing its fully electric vehicle for less than $25,000 in 2025 or 2026. A very interesting product to be marketed in countries like Chile. Two years seem to be enough time to take the first steps of a cargo network, set up stores, after-sales service and begin to make the brand known in the country.

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